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What are the effective ways to thin waist

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What are the effective ways to thin waist

   There are three best time for thin waist in a day. Grasp these three time for thin waist and do small waist thin exercises. It is super effective. Take a look.

  ●Time 1: Do a small stretch at 11 o'clock in the morning

   I have been working in the office for 2 hours, and my whole body muscles have been in a posture for a long time. I need to do a small range of stretching and stretching exercises:

   The first step: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, bend your left knee, lift your left calf back, grab it with your right hand, and keep your right arm straight.

   Step 2: Put the left hand on the right hip, tighten the lower abdomen muscles, twist to the right when inhaling, stretch the left waist muscles, and achieve the ultimate.

   Step 3: When exhaling, return to the middle position and apply force in the opposite direction. Keep your breathing rate and waist muscles strong, and repeat the action about 10 times.

  ●Time 2: Stand on the wall half an hour after a meal

   Do not go back to your seat immediately after lunch every day, and stand on the spot for half an hour. It is said that this is how Shu Qi keeps in shape. She must stand for half an hour after a meal every day. But don’t stand stupidly. You need to clamp your buttocks and press your entire back against the wall. Keep your head, neck, cervical spine, buttocks, and legs as close to the wall as possible, and keep your strength. At the beginning, within a few minutes you will feel very tired and feel a little sweaty. You can make appropriate adjustments and divide them into several times, but each time should not be less than 10 minutes.

  ●Time 3: 3 o'clock in the afternoon to do more exercise

   This is a very embarrassing time. Three hours have passed since lunch, but dinner is still too late. Many office workers will feel a little hungry, and many companies will set afternoon tea time. You might as well do more exercises.

  The first step: Stand with your feet apart, one foot left and right beyond the width of your shoulders. Bend your legs in a horse-stride position.

   Step 2: Put your right hand close to your ear, and press your right hand down your body. Follow the direction of hand pressure, bend down, fully stretch the right waist to the limit, and maintain uniform breathing, tighten the lower abdomen, stand up after 10 seconds, and repeat the movement.

   Step 3: Naturally, force the left hand to the opposite direction of the right hand to keep the body stretched to the maximum. The horse's stride should be steady, and at the same time, the feet can be used to make the thigh thin.

   Step 4: Swap left and right hands, do the same movement in the opposite direction, and repeat about 20 times. At the beginning of the movement, there will be a slight soreness in the waist muscles. As long as you persist, the fat here will be eliminated a little bit along with the soreness.

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