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How to lose weight fast by skipping rope

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How can students lose weight fast?

   Now there are more and more friends who want to lose weight, and there are many ways to lose weight, but there are not many ways to lose weight quickly and healthily. Below, we recommend the fast Weight loss method of skipping rope to lose weight.

  The benefits of skipping rope diet

   1. Very low cost

  A rope and an open space are all you need for rope skipping, and you can do it at any time and you will learn it as soon as you learn.

  2, simple and varied

   We all know that there are many different kinds of rope skipping, such as single, double, multiplayer, running, etc., which are definitely not boring than other sports.

  3, health effect

   Skipping rope can exercise a variety of organs, and can enhance the body's cardiovascular, nerve and respiratory functions. More studies have confirmed that rope skipping can prevent many diseases such as arthritis, obesity, insomnia, menopausal syndrome, etc. It also has a relaxing effect on breastfeeding women!

   The weight loss effect of skipping rope weight loss method

   This is the issue that mms are most concerned about. Data shows that slow rope skipping can consume 469 kilocalories per hour, while fast rope skipping can consume 737 kilocalories per hour.

  The most correct way to lose weight is to reduce fat. Exercise weight loss is not very effective, but it is the most scientific. It can burn a lot of fat and will not rebound. Compared with dieting and medicine to lose weight, it is the healthiest way to lose weight. Perhaps the weight loss effect of skipping rope alone cannot be immediate, but it can achieve the effect of reducing body fat. Perseverance and diet control will result in unexpected gains, and there is no need to worry about the sequelae of exercise such as thickening of the calves and thickening of the arms.

   Rope skipping weight loss preparation action

   Improper skipping can easily cause damage to the leg joints, so just like swimming, we have to warm up before skipping. When warming up, there are several muscles to focus on stretching: the back of the thigh, the inner thigh, the calf, the back, and the shoulders. We can do some simple movements, such as leg pressing, waist twisting, hand and foot exercises.

  The specific method of skipping weight loss method

   There are many ways to skip rope, many mm will have many tricks since childhood, as everyone likes, you can jump as you like!

   The usual way is

  1. Jump with both feet on the ground at the same time: This is the simplest and most common method. Take a pair of footprints to jump out of a good figure.

  2. Jumping on one foot: Jumping on one foot is The most effective way to lose weight on the legs. Change a foot from time to time, and the fat will disappear quietly.

  3, high leg skipping method: one leg is raised at a right angle, the left and right legs are alternately jumped, pay attention to the toes on the ground, such a big movement can exercise the entire leg muscles.

   In fact, there are many fancy rope skipping methods, I will not list them all here. It is recommended to apply essential oils to the legs after skipping to promote blood circulation, and the effect is better.

   Rope skipping method of weight loss precautions

   1. When skipping rope, you should wear soft cloth shoes, preferably high-top, which can protect your ankles.

  2. The venue should also be selected. If the cement floor is too hard, you can't go to it, so as not to damage the joints. Moderately soft lawn, wooden floor or mud soil are the best choices!

  3. For mm with a large base number, you should jump rope with your feet up and down at the same time. The toes and heels should be coordinated vigorously, and be careful of sprains.

  4. The rope should be soft and hard, with moderate thickness. Hard rope is more suitable for beginners, and then switch to soft rope after proficiency.

   5. Although there is no limit to the time for skipping rope, try to avoid half an hour before and after a meal.

Many people are now consulting how to lose weight quickly. The above recommended method is skipping weight loss. Friends who love beauty may wish to try it. As long as you persist for a while, you will find that your body becomes slimmer unknowingly. .

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