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Lose weight fast

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lose weight fast

Many people's Weight loss effect is not very good. Although there is a certain effect after Weight loss, there will be a rebound phenomenon, and the health of the body will also have symptoms of discomfort. It is because there is no safe and fast way to lose weight. Let's take a look at a few safe methods. An effective way to lose weight.

Many mm will encounter many problems of this kind in the process of losing weight. What is the best and most effective way to lose weight? Here are a few of the best ways to lose weight, so that your weight loss effect will be effective as soon as possible, and the weight loss will be completed as soon as possible. Goal, then let's take a look.

   1. Breathing with crossed legs, the effect is remarkable

   Lie on your back on the ground, raise your knees, touch the elbows to the ground, and support your upper body. Inhale to swell up the abdomen. Cross your lower legs and squeeze each other to apply force to the inner side of the leg. Exhale slowly, the abdomen will sink, then raise the knee as close to the face as possible. Feeling that the hips leave the ground as the knees rise. Then exhale, keep your legs crossed, and slowly straighten your legs, and feel the abdomen sunken.

   Accompanied by the completion of exhalation, the double-headed forks fall, pay attention not to touch your legs completely on the ground, and keep your legs in the air as close to the ground as possible. The leg muscles tense up and hold for 10 seconds. Note that when your legs are falling, your knees should be close to each other and not dangling. Practice this action 10 times.

  2. Improve small belly and eliminate leg swelling

   Sit on the chair with his back straight, looking forward, gently holding the left and right sides of the chair with both hands. Cross your calves and inhale slowly with your nose to swell your abdomen. Exhale, the back bends and the abdomen sinks as the gas is expelled. At the same time, the crossed legs are slowly lifted up, so that the knees are as close to the chest as possible. Exhale again, as the abdomen sinks, straighten your feet forward, keeping your legs straight. The two lower legs exert pressure on each other, clinging and squeezing to the inside.

  3. Exercise the transverse abdominis muscles, eliminate the convex lower abdomen

   Lie on his back on the ground, spread his feet and raise his knees. The hips float up slightly. Use one hand to apply pressure to the lower abdomen, slowly exhale while injecting strength into the abdomen. I feel a feeling of collapse in my stomach. At the same time, another thin one was placed behind the head.

   Slowly exhale, slide the hand placed on the abdomen along the abdomen→groin→thigh→knee, and stand up with the upper body as the arm moves. In the most strenuous and hardest position, hold on for 10 seconds, then return to the original movement, change the hands in the opposite direction to practice, and do the next set of movements 10 times each.

The safe and fast weight loss methods introduced above, if everyone can learn more, I believe that your weight loss will definitely be twice the result with half the effort. Don’t lose weight blindly. A lot of hot weight loss will go on a diet and eat some weight loss pills. The effect is not very satisfactory, but the body appears. The problem is, such an unhealthy way to lose weight is not advisable.

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