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Quick weight loss method Daquan Abdominal weight loss method

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Encyclopedia of fast Weight loss methods

   For this kind of fast abdominal Weight loss, in fact, there are many kinds in our daily life, and the following is some information about this kind of abdominal fast weight loss, and I hope everyone can make good use of it.

  1, cross kick

Lie flat on the ground, raise your head and shoulders, cross your hands to hold your head, be careful not to cross your fingers, bend your right leg close to your chest, raise your left leg at a 45 angle to the ground, and move your upper body toward it while inhaling. Touch your left elbow to your right knee and do 5 times with the other side of your body after 3 seconds.

  2, raise your leg horizontally on your back

   Raise the legs as far as possible to reduce the angle of the plane, take the method of fast rise and slow fall, do 20-40 times per group, at a frequency of about 30 times per minute, consume about 25.1-29.3 joules of energy per minute.

  3, raise the leg on an inclined plane

Place a bench (or other object) against the wall at a slope of 20°-30°, hold both sides of the bench on your head with both hands, and then do leg-lifting exercises, 15-20 times per group, about 20 times per minute, per minute It consumes about 29.3 to 33.5 joules of energy.

  4, hanging legs

   Raise your legs as much as possible

   Adopt the principle of differentiated treatment, and give help to those who fail to complete, do 5-10 times in each group.

   consumes approximately 16.7-20.9 joules of energy per minute.

Through the above understanding and introduction, I must have a certain understanding of this fast abdominal weight loss method, but I also hope that everyone can help from the above knowledge, and also hope that everyone can do more in their daily lives. Some exercises, but also develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and eat more green and healthy vegetables.

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