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How can I lose weight fast?

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How to lose weight fast


  The pastry is very high in calories, and most of it comes from fat. In addition, everyone likes to put cream and sugar gum on pastry to eat, so that the calories will increase again. You have to see if you need afternoon tea. You don’t have to have lunch just after lunch. It’s better to eat a piece of fruit.

   You Tiao

   fried dough sticks are very high in fat, just like Chinese French fries, each fried dough stick has 220 calories, most of which are also derived from fat.


   The calories in a stick of sausage will cause a certain amount of fat. In fact, 250 calories are equivalent to a hamburger or a bowl of rice, and the fat of bacon is just as high.

   Freshly squeezed orange juice with sugar

   Don’t think that drinking orange juice is more beneficial than drinking soda. Just look at the calories. These sweetened orange juices have higher calories than soda and have more sugar than soda. Even if it is pure fresh orange juice, a cup of squeezed water with 3 oranges has 150 calories, but you can't eat the cellulose of oranges and the vitamin B in the white orange coat, so it is better to eat the original fruit.

   barbecue sausage

   Intestines are high in fat, high in sodium (a part of salt), and also contain nitrates (eating more can cause cancer). Office workers mostly eat meat sausages, and the fat content in oil is even higher. Some people like to eat barbecued sausages. The browned sausages are delicious but contain carcinogens.

   instant noodles

   instant noodles are not only convenient and fast, but also delicious. However, instant noodles are high in fat (because they are deep-fried during manufacture), and the soup powder contains more MSG, so it is better to eat less. Those who are greedy for instant noodles can choose instant noodles that are not fried, such as instant rice noodles, macaroni or vermicelli. Using only half of the soup powder can reduce the intake of MSG.

   French fries

   French fries are carbohydrate foods with very little fat, but once they are fried into French fries, it is another matter. A small packet of French fries contains 220 calories and 12 grams of fat, which is almost the same as a hamburger. To buy something to eat at a hamburger shop, you can choose a cup of soda and a hamburger. This price is cheaper than a set meal.

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