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Lazy fast weight loss method

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Lazy fast Weight loss method

  Fruit area-slimming and better complexion

  1, apple

   is low in calories and rich in pectin, va, vc and fiber, which can accelerate detoxification and reduce heat absorption. It is a good choice for slimming and beauty. It is also rich in potassium, which can prevent leg edema.

  2, tomato

   is rich in vc, ve, and vf, but also rich in lycopene, folic acid, carotene, phenolic acid and fiber. Among them, lycopene has an antioxidant effect and is the best fruit for beautifying and slimming.

  3, grapefruit

   Like acidic fruits such as citrus and lemon, it can promote digestion, and nutrients can be easily absorbed. It contains less sugar and is the best source of vc for Weight loss, and a good helper for whitening and slimming.

  Slimming editor tips:

The calories of apples are 57 calories/100g, the calories of tomatoes (tomatoes) are 14 calories/100g, and the calories of grapefruit are 41 calories/100g. Among these fruits, tomatoes have relatively low calories, but apples and grapefruits, etc. Fruits are not high in calories, and tasting in summer can still play a role in weight loss and beauty.

   Also, the watermelon, which is often eaten in summer, has a calorie of 25 calories/100g, and it is also the best fruit for reducing heat and losing weight.

  Beverage area-help wastes not accumulate

  1, water

   is the healthiest choice for all beauty lovers. Daily intake of 3000ml of water can help maintain skin suppleness.

  2, sugar-free green tea

  Drinking green tea after a meal can help digestion and reduce the absorption of fat. The catechins can achieve antioxidant effects and help eliminate free radicals.

  3, low-fat milk

  Milk is rich in protein, and muscles grow only if you eat enough protein.

  Slimming editor tips:

   The weight-loss function of green tea is obvious to all. Sugar-free green tea has almost no calories and is more conducive to cellulite and weight loss. Mineral water and purified water are rich in minerals and are also beneficial to the body.

Milk For obese people, you can choose low-fat milk or skimmed milk, because the calories of whole milk is 150 calories/240ml, the calories of low-fat milk is 121 calories/240ml, and the calories of skimmed milk are lower, 91 calories/240ml. If you think skimmed milk tastes acceptable, people who want to lose weight can drink more.

   Seasoning area-accelerate metabolism and increase fat burning

  1, chili

   can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, and increase fat burning.

  2, garlic

   contains special allicin and rich trace elements, which can promote metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, and increase fat burning.

  3, ginger

   can circulate, stabilize the digestive system, eliminate flatulence and indigestion, promote gastric juice secretion, and reduce the accumulation of heat in the body.

  Slimming editor tips:

   After eating a spicy meal, you can consume more than 25% of calories. When the spiciness is burning in the abdomen, drink a cup of black tea rich in ***, the effect is more obvious. Chili peppers can also promote the production of two enzymes in the body. During the process of burning fat, they can "convince" fat cells to unload while preventing excessive accumulation of fat.

   The calorie of garlic is 40 calories/100g, and the calorie of onion is 47 calories/100g, but the dosage is small and it has the effect of reducing fat, so it can be used as a daily condiment.

  Vegetable area-high fiber necessary for self-cultivation

  1, cauliflower

   low fat content and calories, and rich in calcium and fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility.

  2, peppers

   is rich in va, vc, folic acid, carotene, etc. Its rich nutrition has the function of activating tissue cells and promoting metabolism.

  3, mushrooms

   is a high-protein and low-fat food, rich in carbohydrates, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vb1, etc. The low-calorie characteristic is a good helper when losing weight.

  Slimming editor tips:

A bowl of boiled broccoli has 32 calories/150g, green peppers have 14 calories/150g, and mushrooms have 30 calories/150g. These are low-calorie and nutritious vegetables that are healthy and can Slim down.

  Meat area-help sculpt a good curve

  1, fish

   has low fat content and is rich in high-quality protein, which can increase the body's muscle mass and promote metabolism.

  2, seafood

   is rich in protein and calcium. Remember that swimming in the water is better than walking on the shore, but be careful not to take too much cholesterol.

  3, lean meat

   Try to choose lean meat, recommend tenderloin and chicken breast, etc. Choose 2 feet better than 4 feet.

  Slimming editor tips:

Fish is a good food for weight loss. It is low-fat and nutritious. Seafood is a high-quality and high-protein food. It is not suitable for people who are particularly obese. The calories of lean meat will be lower than that of ordinary meat. It is best to eat chicken without skin. eat.

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