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How can I lose weight quickly?

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How to Lose weight fast

   Don’t eat breakfast and get fat faster

Studies have found that some women eat only 2 meals a day (no breakfast) because they are afraid of obesity, waiting for their stomachs to sing "Empty city time to remember to eat, large appetites and few meals, eat gluttonously, the result is that they get fat faster; Experiments have proved that dividing the daily food intake into 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times, it turns out that people who have one meal a day get the fattest. It can be seen that skipping breakfast is not advisable.

Secondly, people who skip breakfast will unknowingly take the most excess food during lunch and dinner. These people often think like this: "Anyway, if you don't eat it tomorrow morning, it is better to eat more at night." And after dinner, Because there are fewer opportunities for exercise, most people go to bed after watching TV. Of course, what they eat will turn into subcutaneous fat, and over time, they will gain weight. In addition, skipping breakfast, due to the lack of food**, the bile secretion process makes cholestasis in the gallbladder, making these people particularly susceptible to cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Therefore, skipping breakfast is really troublesome.

   Hobbies, snacks, fat from the mouth

   Judging from the reasons for the formation of "little fat dumplings", most of them are caused by overnutrition. Among them, those who like sweets, those who have the habit of snacking or prefer to eat foods with high fat content are quite common.

  Fine foods promote obesity

   Modern urbanites have more and more foods, and in the long run they will lose vitamins and other nutrients. Polished white rice is the rice husk, seed coat, aleurone layer, embryo, only the endosperm is left, the color is bright and white, but the essence is only granular starch. For light brown rice, only the rice husk is removed, leaving the seed coat, embryo and endosperm, which contains protamine, crude fat, starch, amylase, vitamins a, b1, b2, b12, e, folic acid, and various minerals. Substances, cellulose, etc. Brown rice is rich in vitamin b1, which can promote the synthesis of cocarboxylase, maintain normal sugar metabolism, and avoid the accumulation of the harmful intermediate metabolites pyruvate and lactic acid. In addition, the seed embryo of brown rice can extract rice bran oil, which contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce cholesterol, promote lipid metabolism and prevent obesity. It can be seen that many good things will be lost if they are too refined.

  Alcohol smoke accumulates fat

  The alcohol that causes obesity is mainly beer and liquor. Beer and delicious food make people eat too high calories, resulting in excess calories, which accumulate under the skin as fat. At the same time, the hops in beer can also remove mucous membranes, promote appetite, and increase food intake. Therefore, it is easy to produce a "beer belly" by drinking beer frequently. The obesity caused by liquor is mainly related to fatty liver caused by alcohol. Alcohol affects the activity of enzymes, indirectly causing increased triglycerides and increased fat conversion. In addition, eating high-calorie dishes when drinking alcohol further aggravates the liver's obstacles to energy conversion and causes a large amount of subcutaneous fat accumulation to cause obesity.

   People who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day are more likely to gain weight when quitting smoking, because people who quit smoking often rekindle their addiction, and various circumstances force them to quit smoking and feel a sense of emptiness and want to eat sweet food. This is because nicotine lowers the level of insulin in the blood, thereby reducing people's desire for sweets; after removing nicotine, the blood insulin level will increase, and people tend to eat more sweets.

   Therefore, improper eating is very harmful to the body. If you want to lose weight successfully, you need to master the right diet so that you can eat slim. Different types of foods have different nutritional values. Eat more vegetables and fruits to help you lose weight and protect your health.

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