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One week fast weight loss method

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One week fast Weight loss method

  Cucumber and egg diet rules

   Cucumber and egg weight loss method is actually very simple to implement. As long as you insist on using cucumber and eggs as your main food every day, there is absolutely no problem in losing ten kilograms a week. Because cucumbers and eggs are foods that do not gain weight, and can help increase metabolism, solve constipation problems, and help you lose weight quickly. And generally speaking, using the cucumber and egg weight loss method to lose weight is not too greasy. After all, the methods of these two foods are very diverse. If you want to lose weight faster, just eat raw cucumbers and boiled eggs.

However, it is worth noting that if you use the cucumber and egg diet method to lose weight, you cannot resume your diet immediately after the weight loss is over. You must increase it slowly! Don't overeating, or you will give up your previous efforts. The cucumber and egg diet method is good. But everything has pros and cons. The cucumber and egg diet is the same. If you want to lose weight healthily and efficiently, the editor strongly recommends that you choose the healthy and secure fast fat loss model. Amywish, an ultra-high-quality supplement brand, is exquisitely made with the world's top technology. It can not only solve the stubborn fat accumulation problem in the human body, but also help to develop an easy-to-lean physique with long-term use, so as to completely get rid of obesity and have its own health curve!

   Cucumber and Egg Weight Loss Method Weekly Detailed Diet Plan

  Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Monday

   Breakfast: boiled eggs (unlimited), toast (unlimited), grape fruits, coffee (no sugar, milk). Lunch: boiled eggs, toast, coffee. Dinner: boiled eggs, green vegetable salad, kimchi (do not put too much salt), coffee. The salad ingredients can be vegetable oil, if there is no lamb, you can replace it with beef. When you are hungry, you can eat tomatoes, coffee without sugar and milk, preferably black coffee.

  Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Tuesday

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, toast, grapes and fruits, coffee. Lunch: two boiled eggs, coffee, grapes and fruits. Dinner: Steak, tomato-based green vegetable salad, kimchi, coffee. Regarding the egg, it can be hard boiled or brushed clean, and then add a bag of braised meat material to make a braised egg; (the braised meat material is tied with the gauze that comes with the bag, add a few star anise, a small spoon of salt, 2 tablespoons light soy sauce, water, cook together for 15 minutes, break the eggshells, turn to low heat and continue to cook for 30 minutes; the marinated eggs are delicious and have a strong mixed fragrance).

  Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Wednesday

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, grapes and fruits, coffee. Lunch: green vegetable salad, tomatoes, grape fruits, coffee. The method of vegetable salad: 1. Wash the raw materials, lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum, cucumber slices, onion, red pepper slices (vegetables can be selected according to your preferences). 2. An appropriate amount of olive oil, red vinegar, salt and black pepper. 3. The ratio of olive oil and red vinegar is 3:1. Red vinegar can also be replaced with fruit vinegar or lemon vinegar, but don't use rice vinegar and mature vinegar. 4. Put the washed and dried vegetables into the salad bowl. 5. Pour the oil and vinegar sauce and mix well. Dinner: Two boiled eggs, lamb, tomato-based green vegetable salad, kimchi, coffee.

  Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Thursday

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, grapes and fruits, coffee. Lunch: green vegetable salad, tomatoes, grape fruits, coffee. Dinner: two boiled eggs, cheese (people with blood type B need to eat a smaller amount), spinach, coffee. Many people think that cheese is high in calories, but in fact, with a little more effort, cheese can also become your weight loss friend. Because cheese is not only rich in vitamins A and B, cheese as a fermented food also has the advantages of easy intake of nutrients and easy digestion compared to other foods. It can be said to be the most ideal choice for Healthy weight loss.

  Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Friday

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, grapes, fruits, tomatoes, coffee. Lunch: two boiled eggs, spinach, tomatoes, coffee. Dinner: sea fish (weight loss and fattening are all due to fish, eating fish that can lose weight), green vegetable salad, toast, coffee. Marine fish oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which has the effect of lowering blood lipids. Among them, polyenoic acid combined with blood cholesterol can reduce platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity, and effectively eliminate intravascular fat deposits. It is a "scavenger of blood vessels". ". People who eat fish regularly can reduce the production of leptin hormone in the body, which is very beneficial for reducing fat and losing weight. Therefore, if you want to be slim, you should eat three to four servings of fish every week.

  Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Saturday

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, grapes and fruits, coffee. Lunch: fruit salad, two eggs. Recommended fruit salad practices: 1. Prepare the required materials. 2. Wash the apples and peel them, cut them into small dices and soak in light salt water for 5 minutes. Peel and cut the monkey peach into small dices. The cherry tomatoes are also washed and cut into small dices. 3. Pick up the soaked apples and drain the water. 4. Pour all the fruits into a large bowl and mix well. 5. Take a plate and put the fruit on the plate. 6. Put the salad dressing in a piping bag. 7. Finally, squeeze the salad dressing into a net pattern on the surface of the fruit. Dinner: steak (you can also eat meat for weight loss), tomato-based vegetable salad, coffee.

   Cucumber and Egg Diet Method Sunday

   Breakfast: a boiled egg, grapes and fruits, coffee. Lunch: roast chicken, tomatoes, grape fruits, coffee. Dinner: green vegetable soup, cabbage, grape fruit, green vegetable salad, mainly tomatoes. Green vegetable soup is a delicious soup made with green vegetables and shiitake mushrooms as the main ingredients. Recommended practice for vegetable soup: first wash the vegetables and drain the water. Then heat the pot, add oil, and stir-fry the greens on high fire (add some ginger slices, the taste will be better), stir-fry until it is about six mature, add water, boil the soup, it is done, and then add salt, chopped green onions, etc. Finally, stir-fry the greens and add water. When the water is still cold, put the tofu in, add salt, and simmer for five minutes on low heat.

   After reading the above detailed introduction, I believe that everyone has a more comprehensive grasp of the fat reduction essentials and essence of the cucumber and egg weight loss method. Using the cucumber-egg diet method to lose weight, although the effect of reducing fat and slimming is really good, the editor reminds everyone that over-eating eggs will not only fail to achieve the goal of rapid weight loss, but may also cause side effects such as gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, for the sake of health, everyone must first have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the cucumber and egg weight loss method, and then make specific plans.

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