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Lose weight quickly, eat away fat and lose 10 pounds in 7 days

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lose weight fast

  on Monday:

   Breakfast: a cup of yogurt, two slices of whole wheat bread, plus 10 raisins;

  Lunch: Celery rice porridge (rice is rice and millet);

   Dinner: a lettuce salad, red bean scallop lean meat soup;

Nutritional analysis: yogurt is a kind of nutritious milk. The lactic acid bacteria contained in it can promote intestinal peristalsis, strengthen digestion, and have the effect of reducing fat; whole grain bread is rich in crude fiber, which can increase satiety. Helps lose weight; eating raisins can also eliminate excess body fat.

  on Tuesday:

   Breakfast: a cup of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, an egg;

  Lunch: Sweet potato and brown rice porridge;

   Dinner: a bowl of boiled vegetables, kelp, Sydney, tomato soup;

The method of sweet potato and brown rice porridge: peel the sweet potato and cut into pieces. The brown rice needs to be soaked in cold water for half an hour. Put the sweet potato and brown rice into the pot, add appropriate amount of water and boil over high heat, then change to low heat and wait for the rice. Add appropriate amount of milk after softening.

   Nutritional analysis: Sweet potatoes and brown rice are rich in dietary fiber. Together, the two have a better Weight loss effect. One week's fast Weight loss recipe, you can definitely lose weight!

  on Wednesday:

   Breakfast: a cup of skimmed milk, a flower roll, an apple;

  Lunch: Fillet of fish, rice

   Dinner: a bowl of assorted oolong porridge, a dish of stir-fried cabbage;

How to fill fish fillets: Clean the grass carp, remove the bones and skin, then slice them into thin slices, sprinkle a thin layer of cornstarch evenly on the fillets, put them in the boiled water and cook them. After some cold water, add some ingredients such as green and red peppers and fungus to the wok, fry the ingredients first, and then add the fish fillets and stir fry.


   Breakfast: a bowl of spinach polenta, an egg;

  Lunch: Stir-fried squid with celery and rice

   Dinner: a bowl of red bean and yam porridge, a boiled dish;

   Nutritional analysis: Corn can eliminate swelling, and when combined with spinach, it can reduce diet


  Breakfast: a salad of shredded radish, a bowl of black rice and red bean porridge;

  Lunch: Stir-fried pork with bean sprouts, rice

   Dinner: a fruit salad, tomato, cabbage and tofu soup

   Black rice and red bean porridge: The black rice must be soaked in advance, and then boiled with red beans to make a porridge. You can add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to eat.

  on Saturday:

   Breakfast: a bowl of sweet potato rice porridge, a salted egg

  Lunch: Bitter Gourd Lean Meat Soup, Rice

   Dinner: A lettuce salad, seaweed and radish soup recipe for a week to lose weight quickly, you can definitely lose weight!


   Breakfast: one steamed bun, one steamed egg, one apple

  Lunch: Pumpkin Rice

   Dinner: Slimming Vegetables and Fruits

   The main ingredients of the vegetable and fruit slimming dishes are: carrots, broccoli, purple cabbage, and water chestnuts. Method: Wash the ingredients, cut carrots and purple cabbage into shreds, cut broccoli and water chestnuts into small pieces, blanch the broccoli in boiling water, then add a proper amount of oil to the wok, add carrots, broccoli, purple cabbage, Stir-fry the water chestnuts until cooked, then put the broccoli and purple cabbage later, add salt and other seasonings before eating.

   The above-mentioned one-week fast weight loss recipes for everyone can be used as a reference. When formulating your own weight loss recipes, you also need to follow your own taste!

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