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How to lose weight quickly without rebounding?

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How to lose weight quickly without rebounding?

   Summer Weight loss method 1: Three meals a day should be reasonable

   Ensure that you have a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner. The energy ratio of three meals a day should be 3:4:3. Follow the principle of low-calorie all-day meal allocation. A healthy diet is the key to losing weight and never rebounding! In addition, eating too late for dinner will also lead to insufficient consumption of calories, which can easily lead to obesity, which is very detrimental to Weight loss.

   Summer weight loss method 2: Light diet

You can enjoy yourself and eat special fresh fruits and vegetables (don’t worry about getting fat, because fruits and vegetables can reduce fat and increase complex carbohydrates) to reduce your need for other foods, but you don’t have to make yourself too much. Like an ascetic monk, he can occasionally eat a piece of ice cream cone.

   Summer weight loss method 3: Eat less and more meals

   For dieters, fortunately, hot weather suppresses appetite. Because we don’t feel so hungry, we often don’t want to eat, but as soon as the sun goes down and the temperature drops, we want to looting the biscuit box and the refrigerator. So, to remind you, if you want to lose weight, you can eat 5 times a day, each time you eat less, and the time should be even, so that you can lose weight.

   Ways to lose weight in summer 4: Drink plenty of water

When the weather is cool, your body needs 7 to 8 glasses of water a day, and in the hot summer, you have to drink another 2 to 3 glasses, but unfortunately, many people drink sweetened soft drinks or beer to supplement their consumption. Water drop. Did you know? A 340ml can of beer contains 150 calories. If you drink a few cans of beer a day, you will store a lot of calories that you can't shed by sweating only in the heat of the day. Water is the best drink. In summer, before exercising, drink at least two glasses of water. Don't wait until you are thirsty. Once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

   Ways to lose weight in summer 5: Increase intake of fruits and vegetables

   Increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits is a good way to reduce calorie intake. Vegetables can be eaten raw as much as possible, with no or less salad dressing, and cold vegetables with less vinegar or no oil.

   Summer weight loss method 6: Make sure to drink 227ml of skimmed milk every day

   Guarantee 1 bottle of 227ml low-fat or skimmed milk every day. Drink it in the morning or noon, before meals. Remember: You can’t drink it after meals. Milk contains a lot of calcium, which can help you speed up the burning of excess fat in your body and help you lose weight quickly.

   Summer weight loss method 7: Motivate yourself

   In summer, dragging a fat body to walk around is really a painful thing. In summer, the clothes are thin, and the fat can't be covered. For most people, compared with health, vanity is a greater kind of sex. Therefore, in summer, you can look in the mirror more and force yourself to see "fat" that you don’t want to see. This may strengthen you. The determination to lose weight can also "force" to stick to a healthy diet.

   Summer weight loss method 8: Food should be diversified

  Diverse foods, mainly grains, daily intake of about 200-300 grams, of which 100 grams of rice or noodles, corn, pumpkin, oats, millet and other whole grains about 100 grams. Eat a portion of low-sugar fruits or vegetables 1-2 hours before lunch and dinner, such as cucumbers, bananas, apples, tomatoes, corn, carrots, red and yellow peppers about 100 grams. It is important to remember that you cannot eat fruit after a meal.

   Summer weight loss method 9: Choose healthy and low-fat cooking methods

Cooking is mainly fried, steamed, boiled, and soup. No frying, frying, cooking without sugar. Cooking oil is less than 25 grams per day, and a portion of seaweed food such as kelp, seaweed or a portion of fungus is guaranteed every day. Food, such as shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.; or a serving of soy products, 50 grams per serving.

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