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How can I lose weight quickly?

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How can I lose weight quickly?

  1, laxative

   For constipation obesity, according to Chinese medicine, the lotus leaf tastes bitter and has a flat nature. It enters the heart, liver, and spleen channels, and has the effect of clearing heat and removing dampness. Lotus leaf ash is a traditional Chinese medicinal material that has a good therapeutic effect on constipation and obesity. Usually, after taking lotus leaf ash, it can be laxative in about three days. After taking it for dozens of days, the weight can be reduced by more than 10 kilograms. Lotus leaf ash is an ancient prescription in the Ming Dynasty, and it is now the first choice for Weight loss. If you are diagnosed as obstinate obesity by an old Chinese doctor, or if you have a history of losing weight for many years, but have no effect, the doctor will often prescribe lotus leaf ash, which has a strong Weight loss effect. It has been reported that the effective rate of taking lotus leaf ash three catties continuously is as high as 90%. At the same time, if lotus leaf ash is used together with fried atractylodes powder, the weight loss effect is better. However, readers should be careful. The lotus leaf ash is not only for the sisters who need to lose weight, but also the lawbreakers. The lotus leaf ash is really burnt yellow. Please pay attention to it.

  2, feel hunger

   Try not to eat anything for 4 hours. If you are afraid of this, it may be because you are worried that your body will cause discomfort, and you will find that this will not lead to any adverse consequences.

   If you never feel hungry, then your appetite may "go on vacation". In other words, in order to get rid of the fear of lack of food, you always overeat, or you have completely lost your sense of food. If you always feel hungry, then you may have confused physical hunger with psychological hunger.

   The performance of hunger varies from person to person. The most common manifestations are: feeling weak and emotionally confused.

   Suggestion: The purpose of this step is to allow you to calmly face the food. During this short fast, don't deliberately experience the hunger signals sent by the body, but let these signals manifest themselves naturally.

   3. Concentrate on the taste of food

   When eating the first few bites, pay attention to the taste. Because you understand that the taste of food is usually through the first few mouthfuls: salty? sweet? too soft? delicious or average? At this time, it is very important to judge the taste, because we use imagination for the taste of the next few mouthfuls. . This can explain why we can eat a piece of ordinary chocolate cake. Because we imagine it is delicious.

   Different from our sense of taste, our imagination is never tired. When we really pay attention to the taste, the requirements for eating will be more stringent. The taste has changed, so we don't need to eat it anymore.

   Suggestion: Eat a small bite. Make the most of your teeth, tongue and upper jaw. When you chew, put down the cutlery in your hand.

  4, slow down

   It takes 15-30 minutes for the body to receive the signal of fullness. The communication between the stomach and the brain is not instant. After half an hour of eating, the enzymes that initiate satiety will be released. If you eat too fast, you may eat too much.

   Suggestion: Extend the meal time to at least 30 minutes. Whether the food is delicious or not, savor it like a gourmet.

   5. Only you can judge your own needs

   Eat for pleasure? Eat another plate to control your temper? Gobble your head and ignore the storm outside? It is easy to see the behavior disorder caused by emotion. This is why it is so important to be true to one's true needs. Don't follow other people's instructions, and master your own course. Whether you are in line with the same table or not, judge whether you have eaten enough to stop or continue eating. No matter what happens, focus on your own body feelings.

   Suggestion: If you want to, you can give yourself a big meal at intervals and eat until you feel really supportive. Don't hesitate, go and eat. You have vitality from then on, so that you can adjust yourself in the days to come.

   6. Eliminate interference

   Zen tells us to concentrate on eating while eating, and to concentrate on reading while reading. This philosophical theory focuses on the importance of the present, and it cannot be used more appropriately here. You sit at the dining table, in front of the rice bowl, then eliminate the interference around you. Don't read the newspaper, don't watch TV, don't engage in heated political debates. Focus on what you are doing: eating! Of course, if you are having lunch with everyone, don't be alone like a monk without saying a word.

   Suggestion: Practice regular breaks. Stop for a while to talk and listen, and then continue to eat. Gradually, the two will alternate naturally.

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