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Abdominal fast weight loss method

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Abdominal fast Weight loss method

   Magical Abdominal Weight loss Method 1. Eight glasses of water a day

   All beautiful girls, you must remember that eight glasses of water a day and refusal to drink beverages are one of the most effective ways to ensure a healthy and slim body. You can drink a glass of white water or light honey water before breakfast in the morning, which can effectively accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and excrete all the garbage and metabolites in the body the previous night, thereby reducing the chance of a small belly. When you are not thirsty, you should also add water to your body. Lack of water in your body will greatly reduce your metabolism. In the process of absorbing the water in coffee, milk tea and other beverages, most of the water is lost due to the role of *** and sugar. Therefore, you must not rely on coffee or beverages to replenish water.

   Magical Abdominal Weight Loss Method Eat dinner before two or six o'clock

   According to nutritionists and slimming experts, you won’t get fat easily if you don’t eat anything 4 hours before going to bed. However, if you already have a beautiful girl with a small belly, you might as well schedule your dinner earlier. It is a perfect time before 6 in the evening. In this way, the stomach and intestines can have sufficient time to digest and empty the food in the stomach before going to bed, so that the lower abdomen will not accumulate fat and can also have a flat and sexy lower abdomen.

   Magical Abdominal Weight Loss Method Three, keep the fresh-keeping film in place

   Although the plastic wrap has not been recognized by related slimming experts and nutrition experts for weight loss, there are indeed many beautiful girls who have tried and succeeded. In fact, as long as you don’t wrap the cling film for too long, normally, many people will not experience allergies, dermatitis, etc. This needs to be determined according to the individual's physique. The specific operation method of the cling film wrap around the waist is: wrap cling film on the abdomen, jog on the spot for about 1 hour, stick to it every day, and definitely lose weight. Of course, this also requires everyone to eat less at night. Remember: one hour is the limit time. Don’t think that the longer you wrap it, the better the effect. Your skin needs to be breathable.

   Magical Abdominal Weight Loss Method IV. Coarse Salt**

  Coarse salt has a good sweating effect, it can help to expel waste and excess water from the body. You can buy a few bags of coarse salt at the supermarket or grocery store. After taking a shower, grab a handful of coarse salt and circle the belly button clockwise to ** the lower abdomen 50 times, and then counterclockwise ** the lower abdomen 50 times, and then cross your hands and apply force from top to bottom ** 50 times. Coarse salt can promote the excretion of waste from the body. At the same time, it can also effectively promote fat metabolism, replenish minerals for your skin, and make the abdominal skin more delicate and firm. If you persist for 1-2 months, you will be surprised to find that your waist circumference has shrunk!

   Magical Abdominal Weight Loss Method 5. Picking up beans and thin waist

   Everyone should eat as little as possible for dinner every night. If you are not particularly hungry, you can eat only 30 to 50% full. After the meal, all the beautiful girls can take a short rest for ten to twenty minutes. Then you can pour about 200 soybeans on the ground, bend over but not bend your legs, pick up the soybeans one by one and put them in the basin on the table, repeat this action continuously: bend down, straighten the waist, and then put it down. Beans to the table, then bend down again, and then pick up beans. In this way, everyone will find that what they have gained is not only the surprise that the lower abdomen becomes smaller, but also the fat on the thighs.

   Magical Abdominal Weight Loss Method 6. Remember to use the big toe when walking

Most people walk in an incorrect posture (just check the wear of the soles, you know that one side wears particularly badly, that is, the walking posture is incorrect). Over time, it is easy to cause pelvic skew, which will cause backache, or fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. . The editor shares a simple way to lose weight on the abdomen, that is, as long as you grasp the principle of "must use the big toe" when walking.

The specific method of this abdominal weight loss method is: the heel first touches the ground, and when the big toe touches the floor, press down forcefully. This action can help the body's center of gravity move in the middle. When the big toe is exerted, the inner thigh will also exert force. The lower back will naturally straighten up. Remember to bring your legs together as much as possible at the same time, with the upright upper body, to ensure that it must be graceful and able to walk out of a graceful figure.

   Magical Abdominal Weight Loss Seven, Develop a good sitting posture

Both office workers and students need to sit in a chair for a long time every day. Sitting for a long time is very easy to accumulate fat in the abdomen. At this time, everyone needs to develop good sitting habits, correct the sitting posture, close the abdomen and raise the chest, so that it can reduce Remove some of the fat that has accumulated in the abdomen. You can remind yourself to stand up chest, tuck your abdomen, straighten your waist, and sit like a hanging bell anytime and anywhere. Even if it is difficult for you to maintain it all the time, you still have to do it when you think about it. This may deduct about 2 catties or more from your stomach. Oh cumbersome fat.

   Are the above eight abdominal weight loss methods amazing? The abdomen, as the most prone to accumulate fat, must attract everyone’s attention, and use scientific and effective abdominal weight loss methods to lose weight in time to avoid accumulating fat on the abdomen. In the above, the several magical abdominal weight loss methods introduced by the editor are very wise choices. As long as you take a little time every day, you can easily have a flat lower abdomen.

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