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The most effective fast weight loss method

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The most effective fast Weight loss method

   1. Don't go on a diet

The so-called healthy diet does not mean eating less, let alone not eating, but eating more nutrient-dense foods, such as green vegetables, whole-wheat hulls, nuts, etc. Provides the nutrition and energy the body needs in a day, which can keep your blood sugar stable and full.

   When you are on a diet, you are actually restricting your body's metabolism. When your body signals hunger, but you do not provide energy and nutrients to your body, your body will naturally slow down your metabolic rate to preserve the body's existing energy.

   When you are on a diet worsening, your body will begin to burn your muscles to generate energy, which will only increase the proportion of visceral fat in your body.

  2, go to bed early

  The less sleep, the greater the stress, the endocrine disorders, and the more visceral fat.

   3. Sufficient protein supplement

   The human body needs protein to maintain muscles, and it also helps burn calories after meals.

   4. Eat organic ingredients as much as possible

  Pesticide residues on food materials will interfere with the body's metabolism and the process of fat decomposition, causing fat burning more slowly.

   5. Stand up

   If the body is inactive for more than four hours, an enzyme in the body will stop working. This enzyme is used to control body fat and cholesterol (cholesterol) metabolism. So in order to keep these enzymes working all the time and help fat burning, please remember to stand up and move around from time to time.

   6. Drink cold water

   Drink 1.4 liters of cold water a day to promote the increase of metabolism and help consume 50 calories. At the end of a year, 50 calories a day can consume 5 catties of fat.

The principle of    is very simple. When the human body drinks cold water, in order to neutralize the temperature of the ice water, the body must generate heat, and it will also consume heat.

  7, have some spicy

   The heat sensation produced by capsaicin will affect the sympathetic nervous system and increase your metabolism. Eating a small spoonful of chopped peppers (red or green) can increase your metabolism by 23% in a short period of time.

   8. Get up and eat breakfast

  Eating breakfast can make your metabolism jump start. Most people who skip meals are obese. Studies have pointed out that people who eat breakfast consume 22% to 25% of the calories a day, and on average over four years, they only gain 1.7 pounds. For those who do not eat breakfast, the same amount of breakfast only accounts for 0-11% of their day's calories, an increase of nearly 3 pounds. In other words, people who skip breakfast actually consume more calories every day than those who eat breakfast.

   9. Drink coffee or tea

   (caffeine) is a kind of central nervous system. Proper coffee will increase metabolism by 5%~8% and burn about 98~174 calories. According to a Japanese study, catechins in tea can help increase metabolism, and a cup of tea can increase metabolism by 12%.

   10. Take cellulose

  Research found that consuming some cellulose can increase fat burning by up to 30%, and the serving size is about 25 grams a day, a total of about three servings of fruits and vegetables (one serving is the size of your fist).

  11, take more vitamin d

  Vitamin d is a basic requirement for maintaining muscle health. Salmon, tuna, fortified milk, cereals, eggs, etc. all contain vitamin d.

   12. Take foods rich in iron

  Iron can carry "oxygen", which is the raw material needed to burn fat. If you lack iron, you will feel weak and your metabolism will slow down. The best sources of iron intake include shellfish, lean meat, beans, fortified cereals, spinach, etc.

   13, drink milk

   Calcium deficiency is the most common condition in women, which slows down metabolism. It can be taken from fat-free milk or low-fat yogurt. Yogurt can also reduce the body's intake of fat from food.

   14. Supplement arginine

  Arginine is a kind of amino acid, which helps to lose weight and strengthens the oxidation of fat and glucose. Seafood, nuts, watermelon, etc. are all good sources of arginine.

   15. Keep the body's moisture

  All chemical reactions in the body, including metabolism, depend on water. If your body is dehydrated, you may only burn 2% of calories. Studies have pointed out that people drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water a day (about 250 ml per glass of water, and the most common bottled mineral water is 500 ml).

   The 15 fast fat burning methods introduced above can help reduce excess body fat and maintain a high metabolism. If you want to burn fat and lose meat, take action!

Healthy weight loss

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