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Lazy fast weight loss 3 ways to lose weight quickly

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Lazy fast Weight loss method

  The most effortless Weight loss method is sleeping weight loss method

  During deep sleep, the human brain secretes a lot of growth hormones, which instruct the body to convert fat into energy. When a person lacks sleep, a growth hormone called ghrelin in the body will increase sharply. This hormone will increase your appetite. At the same time, the level of a kind of "leptin" in the body called leptin will decrease, causing a strong appetite. , If you don’t hold it back, you will eat too much calories and cause obesity. It can be seen that foot sleep can also make a person thin.

   Sleeping weight loss method is definitely the most "comfortable" weight loss method, but this method is not easy to achieve for some busy people who stay up late at work or people with insomnia. In order to "sleep" and get a good figure, you need to do the following:

  (1) Full sleep for 7 and a half hours. According to research, 7 and a half hours is a healthy sleep time for women. It is easy for people to enter a deep sleep state within 7 and a half hours. During deep sleep, the hormones that instruct the body to convert fat into energy increase. In this way, even if you do not exercise, fat can be consumed.

   (2) Drink a glass of milk before going to bed. Milk contains a "natural sleep-relieving factor" called α-lactalbumin, which can regulate brain nerves and improve sleep. Therefore, experts recommend drinking a glass of milk in the evening or half an hour before going to bed, which has a soothing effect and can promote sleep.

   (3) Less vigorous exercise before going to bed. Office workers are busy during the day and exercise more at night. However, exercise before going to bed should not be too vigorous, otherwise it will affect sleep and cause muscle soreness in the body the next day.

  The most effortless weight loss method: Stretching weight loss method

   Frequent stretching can adjust posture, accelerate blood circulation, activate sympathetic nerves, and suppress appetite. And when you stretch the waist, you can strengthen the muscles of the back, especially the upright tendons of the spine, and exercise the physique that is easy to burn fat. In addition, stretching the waist can make the muscles of the whole body soft and elastic. Especially for the exercise of the abdominal muscles and the sculpture of the waist curve are of great help.

   But it should be noted that stretching is not a substitute for full body exercise. To lose weight effectively, it is necessary to combine a variety of exercises, such as aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, and cycling, as well as some anaerobic exercises. In addition, in addition to some exercise, don't forget to cooperate with the correct diet when losing weight.

   The least effortless weight loss method to drink water to lose weight

Drinking water can help blood circulation and promote fat burning; drinking water can promote visceral activity and digestion. With the excretion of urine, it takes away toxins from the body, enhances the vitality of the liver and kidneys, and purifies the body from the inside to the outside. Relieve edema. The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends that adults with light physical activity should drink at least 1200ml (about 6 glasses) of water per day. If you do physical exercise, drink more water.

   Drinking water to lose weight must grasp the 5 best time to drink water. Wake up in the morning and drink a glass of boiled water on an empty stomach to clear the stomach; drinking a glass of water before a meal can enhance satiety and reduce appetite; drink a glass of water half an hour after a meal to help digestion; drink a glass of water in the afternoon to replenish water and refresh the brain; add a glass of water before bed Moisture prevents dehydration of the body at night.

Healthy weight loss

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