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How much to drink vinegar to lose weight? There is a correct way to drink vinegar

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How much to drink vinegar to lose weight? There is a correct way to drink vinegar.

   1. Drink 10~20ml of diluted vinegar after a meal

   The correct way to drink vinegar is to drink diluted vinegar between meals or one hour after a meal, not about 10-20ml. This will not stimulate the intestines and stomach, but also help digestion. No matter how strong you are and how good your gastrointestinal function is, you should not drink vinegar on an empty stomach, because drinking vinegar on an empty stomach will stimulate the intestines and stomach, resulting in excessive gastric acid secretion and damage to the stomach wall.

   2. Up to 2 to 3 cups of diluted vinegar per day

   It is okay to drink a small amount of vinegar every day, but you can’t drink it like you knocked over the vinegar jar, as this will stimulate your stomach a lot. Furthermore, you can't use vinegar drinks on the market to replace water, because vinegar drinks add a lot of sugar. If you drink a lot of water instead of water, it will increase calories. Long-term drinking will increase the chance of obesity, which is not conducive to weight control.

   3. People with gastrointestinal dysfunction are less jealous

   If you have a thin stomach wall, excessive gastric acid secretion, gastric ulcer, or duodenal ulcer, you should not drink too much vinegar. If you feel unwell after drinking it, you should stop immediately. Pay attention to the sodium content in vinegar: There are various types of vinegar currently on the market, such as black vinegar and sushi vinegar. The sodium content is also very high. 100 grams of black vinegar has 1500-2000 mg of sodium, and 5 teaspoons of black vinegar. It is equivalent to 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of salt. Hypertensive patients who must limit sodium should use it on a limited amount. The potassium content of black vinegar is also relatively high, which is not suitable for patients with kidney disease.

   The correct way to drink vinegar to lose weight

   1. Be careful to drink vinegar promptly after meals. If you drink vinegar during a meal, it has the effect of delaying the absorption of food and can reduce the amount of food for the next meal, not the amount of this meal, because vinegar also has an appetizing effect. Therefore, you can add vinegar to the food at lunch, but it is best to drink vinegar after dinner. Drinking it right away can fully combine the vinegar with food, better function, and reduce side effects.

  2. It should be noted that the astringent effect of vinegar may also affect the contraction of the uterus during menstruation, so take a short break during menstruation and do not use vinegar to lose weight. Drinking vinegar may delay menstruation. Therefore, sisters with irregular menstruation or women expecting to become pregnant are best not to use this method. The amino acids rich in vinegar can promote human fat metabolism. The excess fat stored in the body is converted into physical energy and consumed. It can also promote the metabolism of ingested carbohydrates and proteins, enhance the body’s metabolic effect on fat, and excrete. Too much "fat", which plays a good role in Weight loss.

3. The correct way to lose weight by drinking vinegar is to drink vinegar to lose weight after meals, after exhaustion, and before going to bed at night. This is the most effective way! This will not over-stimulate the stomach and intestines, but can also achieve beauty and improve skin problems, etc. problem.

  Why vinegar can lose weight

   1. The citric acid contained in vinegar is the theory of citric acid cycle. Every day we change food from starch to glucose, protein to amino acid, and fat to glycerin and fatty acid. This process is called "digestion". After digestion, some useful substances will be produced, one part is used to repair the body, and the other part is stored for later use; and the useless substance is waste, called "pyroglucic acid", which will decompose "lactic acid" and be excreted from the body.

  2. Sometimes when we eat too much acidic foods such as protein and fat, too much "lactic acid" will be produced, which cannot be completely decomposed and excreted from the body, and dissolved in the blood and muscles, causing the blood to thicken and acidify, causing fatigue and soreness. Therefore, in the process of digestion, the "citric acid cycle" must be used to convert it into heat energy needed by the human body. When this cycle is smooth, the "lactic acid" in the body will quickly disappear and fatigue will be eliminated.

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