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Encyclopedia of fast weight loss methods

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Encyclopedia of fast Weight loss methods

   One of the fastest ways to lose weight: drink water for 10 days and lose 5 catties

   Get up early in the morning and drink a large glass of light salt water before the rich breakfast, which will help the bowel movement and help the stomach and intestines. Of course, there will be no bulging belly!

   Drinking lemon citric acid at work in the morning can help gastrointestinal detoxification and accelerate metabolism in the body. The smell of lemon can also soothe the nerves and improve your work efficiency. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

   Drink a glass of warm water before lunch. First, you can fill your stomach and reduce the amount of lunch. Second, you can replenish the water consumed by the body and accelerate the metabolism.

   When it comes to tea time, the appetite starts again. Potato chips, cookies, soda are all fattening delicacies. At this time, you might as well make a cup of rose tea or vanilla tea, which can not only suppress your appetite, but also skin care and nourish your stomach.

Vegetable juice during dinner is the right way to lose weight by drinking water to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Therefore, a dinner based on protein and vegetable juice is not only low in calories, but also rich in cellulose, which can accelerate fat.的出。 The discharge.

   The fastest way to lose weight 2: Black rice lose weight quickly in 10 days

   Black rice Weight loss theory:

   A person’s normal daily consumption of calories is almost two thousand calories or more. If you only consume 333 calories, then you will consume about 1700 calories. One kilogram of fat = 7700 kcal. Roughly, you can lose one kilogram in at least 4 days. (In fact, it's much more than that) So, theoretically, the black rice weight loss method has a basis. Eating black rice alone has very few calories and is full. Persist for ten days, it will definitely be effective.

   Black rice porridge production method: (cook black rice into rice or porridge, eat it all day when you are hungry, can’t help but water)

  1. Black rice is difficult to cook. It is recommended to soak for a day before cooking. The rice is better than porridge. Generally, the ratio of black rice to water is 1:2.5;

  2. When cooking, it should be cooked on high heat. It is best to open the lid and let the rice roll freely, otherwise there will be purple-black water overflowing;

  3. When the water does not overflow, turn to the lowest heat and simmer slowly, and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. The cooked black rice is very fragrant.

Healthy weight loss

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