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Fast weight loss recipes to lose weight in two weeks

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Quick Weight loss recipes

   6 sets of breakfast-about 400 calories each

   A proper breakfast can invigorate people and help lose weight.

  Remember, prepare a glass of juice (about 150ml) every day, pomegranate juice, pear juice or mango juice. Then, you can choose from the following 6 sets of breakfast:

   1. Take two slices of whole wheat bread slices or a hard bagel, and spread a teaspoon of mayonnaise.

   2. In a large bowl, fill with seasonal fruits, such as apples, grapes, strawberries, peaches, etc., and top with 100 grams of low-fat yogurt.

  3. Boil an egg, boil 50 grams of sliced ​​mushrooms, and add a tablespoon of milk. Serve them on a slice of whole wheat sliced ​​bread. 4. Put 4~6 tablespoons of low-sugar cereals (such as cornflakes, wheat flakes, whole wheat flour, etc.) into a large bowl, add 200ml semi-skimmed milk (or 150ml skimmed yogurt), sprinkle a handful of dried fruits, Such as almonds.

   5.2~3 tablespoons of oatmeal and 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk are cooked into oatmeal. Add a few apples and 2 teaspoons of raisins.

  6. ​​Bake two slices of multigrain sliced ​​bread and spread 1 teaspoon of nonfat butter. You can also eat with a handful of raisins.

   6 sets of lunch-about 400 calories each

   1. Take two slices of sliced ​​bread (you can try different kinds of sliced ​​bread, such as rye bread, soda bread, multigrain bread, corn bread, potato bread, etc.). The bread can be filled with your favorite vegetables, two pieces of lean meat, 1 tablespoon of fish (such as tuna or salmon), and cheese can be added, but not more than 40 grams.

  2. Roast a potato with skin about the size of a mouse, and add 4 teaspoons of low-salt baked beans.

  3. If you have to settle for lunch outside, order a sandwich or salad with less than 400 calories. Avoid any food that uses mayonnaise as a seasoning.

4. Slimming Bento: Cook some rice (or staple food such as noodles and pasta), put 4~6 tablespoons into the lunch box, as the next day’s lunch, mix with 2~3 tablespoons chopped vegetables, salad and some lean meat And fish (the standard is the same as 1).

   5. Cook a bowl of vegetable soup or onion soup, the staple food is whole wheat bread (or rye bread, multigrain bread).

  6. ​​Fry two eggs and add some chewy vegetables, such as sliced ​​green peppers, carrots, baby peas, etc., or a whole green vegetable salad.

   4 kinds of afternoon tea-250 calories

  Who said that there is no afternoon tea for Weight loss? If you have afternoon tea habit, it’s okay, just pay attention to one thing: don’t overdo it. The following 6 kinds of healthy snacks, you can choose two of them every day to accompany you in the afternoon tea time.

   1.200 ml of yogurt.

   2.1 slices of cheese bread.

   3.1 fruits.

  4.1 A small handful of nuts, such as almonds or pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. 4.1 A small handful of nuts, such as almonds or pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

   dinner-about 500 calories

   In order to ensure the weight loss effect, we have helped you complete the calorie measurement work, so you can safely enjoy the following combination of food at dinner.

   1 teaspoon sunflower oil.

   1 serving of meat and fish, totaling 100 to 125 grams (about the same size as playing cards).

   1 serving of carbohydrates (ie rice and other staple foods, 4 to 6 tablespoons).

   1 serving of vegetables, 3~4 tablespoons.

Healthy weight loss

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