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Fast weight loss recipes fast weight loss

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Quick Weight loss recipes

   Xiaobian will introduce you to several effective three-day fast weight loss methods today. Hurry up and try it!

   black tea and ginger water three-day weight loss method

Black tea and ginger water for weight loss has the effect of detoxification, but when you think about it, you will know that its method is very strong, and there must be suitable people. Therefore, after reading the following methods, it is best to follow this implementation. After all, good health is the most important. It's best not to change this method without authorization! Otherwise your stomach can't stand it, and there may be other side effects!

   black tea ginger water fasting method

  The specific method is as follows:

  Day 1:

  Morning: Eat in the morning as usual

   Noon: Eat at noon as usual

   Evening: Eat as usual at night

  (Preparation Phase

  Day 2:

  Morning: Carrot juice + ginger black tea

   noon: carrot juice + ginger black tea

   Evening: non-greasy things (such as Japanese food or porridge

  3rd day:

  Morning: 2 cups of ginger black tea

   noon: the same as usual

   Evening: Same as usual

   Lighter food at noon and evening!

  The practice of carrot juice: 2 carrots and 1 apple to squeeze the juice! Put it according to your taste!

   The method of ginger black tea: put peeled and chopped ginger or ginger juice in the warm black tea, and add the right amount of brown sugar or honey on the outside!

   is not only breakfast and lunch, you can drink ginger black tea as long as you feel hungry, you can drink 2-6 cups a day! If you feel a burning sensation in the stomach, reduce the amount of ginger!

   Suitable for the crowd: people who often have cold hands and feet; people who want to eat sweets during weight loss; people who have difficulty resting themselves for more than two days; people who can't stand a whole day of fasting!

The dinner on the day of the fast is lighter. Even if you don’t drink porridge, it doesn’t matter. You can fill 60% rice with some black sesame seeds. The side dishes can be 2 plums, 1 small bowl of whitebait, tofu and wakame. 1 bowl of ginger soup!

   You can also choose some warmed cans!

   Honey three-day weight loss method Since ancient times, in terms of herbal curative effect, honey has been an expert in intestinal regulation. The fatty acids contained in honey can promote intestinal active peristalsis; rich vitamins and minerals have the function of regulating the intestines and stomach, can remove toxins from the body, and improve constipation; and the components of glucose and fructose will not cause a burden on the intestines and stomach. Here is how to lose weight in three days with honey.

   The first day breakfast: a glass of honey water

  Lunch: Two cups of honey green tea, one tablespoon of honey

  Afternoon tea: two tablespoons of honey

   Dinner: Two cups of honey rose tea

Feeling after the test: In the second half of the day, I felt my stomach and intestines were very active, making a gurgling sound. I had a bowel movement in the evening, but I was empty all day and I was not used to it. I would eat a tablespoon of honey on my stomach when I was hungry, but I felt dizzy after eating. The softness of the hands and feet disappeared quickly.

   The next day breakfast: a cup of honey green tea

  Lunch: a cup of honey mint tea, a tablespoon of honey

   Afternoon tea: a cup of honey water

   Dinner: a cup of honey black tea, a tablespoon of honey

   Feeling after the test: The next day, the feeling of hunger alleviated a lot, and I started to adapt; moreover, I had more bowel movements, and my abdomen didn’t feel bloated. The third day breakfast: a cup of honey water

  Lunch: a cup of honey citrus tea

  Afternoon tea: a tablespoon of honey

   Dinner: a cup of honey rose tea

Feelings after the test: I feel that I am lighter, I am in good spirits, and my feet edema has also been significantly improved; and my appetite is reduced. Every time I eat a cup of honey, water or tea, I don’t feel hungry. The weight is 6 kg lighter. In the next few days, keep the food list and easy-to-digest foods, there will be unexpected surprises.

   Cheese Banana Slimming Meal Lose 4 to 6 pounds in 3 days

  Introduction to the menu: It can only be done once a month, for up to three days at a time. You can only drink water, cheese or simmered vegetables when you are hungry. The cheese should be low-fat or original.

  Breakfast banana: a banana plus a cup of cheese and a cup of mineral water

  Lunch banana: a banana plus two cups of cheese and one cup of mineral water

   Banana for dinner: a banana plus two cups of cheese and one cup of mineral water

   Truth: This meal lacks nutrients, such as: iron, zinc, vitamin c, folic acid, vitamin b complex, vitamin e, etc., but it will not cause serious damage after three days. Eating bananas and cheese for breakfast is still in line with the principles of health. In fact, plain cheese is not low-fat, low-fat or skimmed cheese should be the first choice, because in addition to lower fat and cholesterol, the protein and calcium content of low-fat and skimmed cheese is the same as that of full-fat cheese.

   Apple three-day diet

  ① Eat only apples for three consecutive days, not other fruits and foods. ②You can eat apples according to the time of three meals, or eat as long as you are hungry, until you are full. ③It does not matter what kind of apples are available, but red apples are best. Green apples are relatively sour and may cause stomach problems. ④ Eat fresh apples and wash and peel them to avoid pesticide residues. ⑤ During these three days, when you are thirsty, you can drink boiled water or non-sexual tea, such as mint tea, barley tea, safflower tea, houttuynia cordata tea, etc. Note: During the apple weight loss period, if constipation occurs, you can drink one or two tablespoons of olive oil to moisturize the intestines on the third night to promote the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body.

   Three-day white porridge and fat-removing meal Eating white porridge can clear the intestines and stomach and unblock stool. Eating white porridge is light enough to help the body detoxify and eliminate fat. All-you-can-eat white porridge for three meals a day, but you can’t add fritters, pickles, fermented bean curd, pork floss, salted eggs, etc.

   Breakfast White porridge plus five crackers or a slice of bread Lunch White porridge plus a boiled egg or a steamed bun Dinner White porridge plus a dish of fried vegetables

   The truth: Some people eat porridge for three consecutive days due to gastrointestinal discomfort or illness. This is not surprising, so the nutrition of porridge itself is not a problem. It is rich in carbohydrates, low in fat and rich in water. But don’t forget that carbohydrates also contain calories, and eating too much can make you fat, so it’s also very important to control the amount. Excessive intake of carbohydrates will be converted into fat storage in the body. The menu does not indicate the amount of rice used for cooking porridge. Some people cook it thinly, and some people cook it thickly. Even if you eat the same for three days in a row, the effect will still be compromised. different.

   Three-day cucumber and egg diet

   As the name suggests, during the three days of weight loss, only cucumbers and eggs are the main food. Other snacks are naturally not eaten. If you insist on three days, you can lose weight. Now let's take a look at why cucumber eggs can lose weight.

  The propylene glycol contained in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. In addition, the cellulose in cucumber has a certain effect on promoting the elimination of human intestinal substances, as well as lowering cholesterol, which can strengthen the body. Eggs are very nutritious. They contain protein, fat, vitellin, lecithin, vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body, so that the human body can maintain it even if it does not take in other foods in the short term. The normal function of the human body has contributed to the success of the three-day cucumber and egg diet.

   Three-day cucumber and egg diet recipe: Morning: Two eggs. Noon: 1 egg, half a cucumber. In the evening: half a cucumber.

   Soy milk juice three-day weight loss method

   Soy Milk Juice Practice Three, Practice:

  A, soy milk juice

   Method: Put half a strip of carrot, half a bunch of spinach, 2 slices of cabbage leaves, and half a banana into the juicer and mix well. Add a little lemon juice, then add half a cup of soy milk and beat for 10 seconds to drink.

  Note: You can also flexibly use the ready-made fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator to make your own recipes.

  B, black soybean milk

   Method: Add 1 spoon each of commercially available black soybean powder and black sesame powder to 1 cup of soy milk, and mix well.

   Note: Not suitable for drinking with kidney disease, gout

But remind everyone: the proportion of beans in the diet should not exceed 25%. If you drink soy milk and juice fasting, it is best to limit it to three days. It cannot be carried out for a long time. People who suffer from kidney problems, gout, or flatulence, also It is not suitable for weight loss in this way.

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