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Encyclopedia of fast weight loss methods

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Encyclopedia of fast Weight loss methods

   1. Various aerobic exercises

I don’t recommend that beginners or friends with poor physical condition do aerobic exercises to lose weight. It’s too simple to meet the heart rate requirements. The more complicated ones have higher requirements for physical strength, flexibility, and flexibility. Most people simply do it. No, if the movements are not in place, there is no effect, and it is easy to cause injuries. Although there are various very attractive aerobic exercises, I suggest that friends without physical conditions should not use aerobic exercises as a way to lose weight.

   2. Bicycle

Many gyms now have spinning bikes. The design of these bikes is very suitable for aerobic training, but generally the bike training room is too small. Many people are prone to hypoxia in the room when training before, although the gym is designed to increase the ambient temperature , Make athletes sweat a lot to improve Weight loss effect. But I am in favor of giving up healthy practices while losing weight. If you want to lose weight by cycling outdoors, it is recommended to use a mountain bike (only the speed is limited in the city, and the environment is not very good).

  3. Running (walking fast)

Outdoor running will be restricted by the environment. It is also good to choose a treadmill. Letting go of the hands on the treadmill can increase the oxygen utilization rate by 8% and the heart rate by 5%. Of course, you must first release the handrails under the premise of ensuring balance. A treadmill with a certain slope can improve the weight loss effect. Use the interval method to exercise on the treadmill, that is, you can exercise at a high speed for a while, and then switch to a lower speed for cycling exercise.

   4. Jump rope

Rope skipping is simple and easy to learn, and the equipment is simple. You can exercise in a small area. It is a very good aerobic exercise. It can be said to be good and cheap. Rope skipping can increase heart rate and respiratory rate within a few minutes, and can reduce weight in a short time , Professional boxers usually skip rope as the main content of pre-match aerobic fat loss, but also can exercise the coordination and sensitivity of the whole body.

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