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How to lose weight quickly

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How to lose weight quickly?

   1. Change bad eating habits

  Most of the obese people’s diet is automatic and unconscious, and lack of thinking, so they miss a lot of the fun that can be obtained from food, and often exceed the calorie intake. Eat less reasonable food and eat slowly to avoid overdrinking. Ask yourself whether you eat too many calories every day? Nutritionists believe that no matter what you control-protein, carbohydrate or fat, the ultimate reduction in calorie intake is. However, each person has to consume at least 1,200 kilocalories per day. If too little energy is supplied to the body, muscles will be lost. Muscle is the key to the human body to burn calories and promote metabolism, so choose a diet carefully to lose weight.

  2, do regular aerobic exercise

   The fastest and most effective way to lose weight is to do aerobic exercise. Such as swimming, swimming is a very comfortable, safe and the fastest and most effective way to lose weight. When swimming, all parts of the body can be greatly stretched, so that it can burn body fat and burn calories. Therefore, swimming is the fastest and most effective way to achieve Weight loss. Running can achieve the effect of losing weight. Every morning, you can first apply the Mosu slimming cream to the fat deposits on the legs or abdomen, and then run in the morning, which not only relaxes the muscles, but also helps to quickly break down and consume fat, avoiding regular exercise for half an hour before starting The disadvantages of burning fat make exercise Weight loss more efficient and easier.

  3, do moderate strength training

   Strength training can strengthen muscles. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism. A 45-minute weightlifting exercise 3 times a week can reduce 10 pounds in 10 months. In order to avoid injury to the body, the coach should be asked to help select the appropriate weight and develop an appropriate exercise plan. Do stretching exercises before and after exercise to maintain physical flexibility, and the weight and frequency of weightlifting can be gradually increased.

   4. Develop a scientific weight loss plan

   Weight loss first formulate a step-by-step and guaranteed implementation plan, the most ideal combination plan is to control fat intake, strengthen exercise and strength training. As long as you have the confidence and perseverance to do it, you can definitely achieve the goal of reducing weight, strengthening muscles, and promoting cardiovascular health and body metabolism. Reduce calorie intake by 100 kcal a day, walk 3 times a week, walk 3 kilometers in 30 minutes each time, and do weightlifting exercises 2 times a week, 40 minutes each time. With this combination, you can lose 10 pounds in 5 months. Combine the three methods at the beginning. It may not be suitable, so try to increase it gradually. For example, add it one way at a time. Be patient and don't rush for success.

   5. Develop good work and rest habits

A good work and rest schedule helps the body's metabolism. Many dieters are accustomed to going to bed late. As everyone knows, the later you sleep, the worse your body’s detoxification and metabolism capabilities. When sleep is insufficient or poor sleep quality, it can inhibit fat accumulation. , The cells that metabolize fat will work slowly, causing obesity or causing the problem of madness. Secondly, people who get up late often skip breakfast, skipping breakfast can easily lead to lunch overeating, and will also affect the body’s energy expenditure. The best time to eat breakfast is from 6 am to 9 am. The breakfast for dieters can be fruit, Salads, porridge, vegetables and other light foods and low-calorie foods are the main ones.

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