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Healthy and fast way to lose weight

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Healthy and fast way to lose weight

   One, exercise Weight loss method

   Exercise Weight loss can choose running, skipping rope and ball sports, these are all well-known. Let me introduce to you a weight loss exercise suitable for doing at home-sofa weight loss exercises.

  1, squat on one foot

Use the flat side of the sofa, keep upright above the waist, hold the sofa with your left foot, spread your feet apart, shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees to swing up and down. The swing range is within 90°. It is best to do it after 20 times. , Repeat the same movement with the right foot, and do the same 20 times.

  2, pedal with both feet

Lie on the upper body comfortably on the seat of the upper body, vacate your feet to make a bicycle, and try to use your thigh muscles to drive your legs to do pedaling movements. This movement can tighten the lines of your legs. Do it often, so that your legs can be strengthened. Department lines are getting more and more beautiful.

  3, back extension

   Separate your arms about 2 times the width of your shoulders, support the palms of your hands on the sofa seat, and do push-ups at a 45° angle. Remember, your feet should be brought together to maximize the extension of your back. Repeat this action 20 times to make your back line more beautiful.

  4, raise hips and thin abdomen

Lie your upper body flat on the sofa, bend your knees, put a pillow in the middle of your knees, use the strength of your abdomen and hips to raise your body, repeat this action 20 times, do it every day, your forehead can be firmer and rounder .

   exercise to lose weight, green and healthy, but it takes a long time to take effect, and it requires long-term persistence; if you give up in the middle, it is easier to rebound, so you must work hard to persist.

   2. Diet weight loss method

   I believe that everyone already knows many ways to lose weight by diet, such as fruit weight-loss meals, vegetable weight-loss meals, etc. In short, let us eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce high-fat and high-calorie foods. Then I will introduce a few tips for diet to lose weight:

   1. Drink light soup or eat fruit before meals

   soup can suppress appetite and increase satiety. Eating after drinking soup will reduce appetite. When eating fruits, chewing and stomach satiety are the two main elements to satisfy people's appetite and make people stop eating.

  2, eat less for dinner, mainly vegetarian

   Eating too much dinner too late, the human body secretes high insulin, which easily converts calories into fat and stores them in the body, resulting in obesity.

  3, take a walk for half an hour after a meal

   At this time, the energy consumed by people's exercise comes from fat, which can effectively reduce body fat and gradually lose weight.

   However, before using the diet method, you must learn scientific diet knowledge or ask a doctor. If the food is not properly matched, it is very easy to cause malnutrition, and even have the opposite effect, and become obese

Healthy weight loss

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