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Tips to lose weight fast

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Tips to lose weight fast

   1. Eat slowly and chew slowly

   Slow down the eating speed appropriately when eating, you can achieve the goal of Weight loss. The researchers analyzed that after food enters the human body, the blood sugar in the body will rise. When the blood sugar rises to a certain level, a signal to stop eating will occur in the food center of the brain. If a person eats too fast, when the brain sends a signal to stop eating, it is often because of eating too much food.

   2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

   Eat more fruits and vegetables to help lose weight, and meat foods are easily stored as fat in the human body. The protein or carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables are not easily converted into fat, especially green vegetables that do not contain sugar are more effective for weight loss, because this will cause the body to consume more calories than the fruits and vegetables that a person eats. Vegetable and fruit meal refers to mainly vegetables and fruits, no or almost no cereal or meat foods, so as to greatly reduce the total calorie and fat intake of the meal.

   3. Do aerobic exercise

  Chronic exercise is aerobic exercise. It has the characteristics of low intensity, rhythm and not easily interrupted. It is beneficial to reduce the number of subcutaneous fat, reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat, and is suitable for digestion and circulation. For example, walking, biking, jogging, swimming, Tai Chi and so on.

  The requirements are:

  A. With enough oxygen to participate, it is best to be outdoors;

   B. Must persist for 30~60 minutes;

  C. The heart rate during exercise is less than 150 beats per minute.

   Time not suitable for exercise: when hungry, before eating, before going to bed.

   The best exercise time is 7-8 o'clock in the evening.

   In addition, you can continue to exercise at home, such as squatting exercises, skipping rope, using chairs instead of wall bars to kick back and forth. All in all, the principle of exercise to lose weight is to insist on doing aerobic exercise, no less than twice a week. Short-term exercise will not have obvious results. We must strengthen our confidence and keep exercising to achieve the goal of Healthy weight loss.

   4. Use your free time to do more yoga to lose weight

Yoga to lose weight is an iron fact, but how can we achieve the best weight loss? First of all, we must grasp the best time to practice yoga: 18:00-20:00 because the body temperature is the highest during this time period, so the muscles are the most flexible. Hard and long-lasting sports will become a breeze.

   Followed by step by step, master the correct method: step by step in order to achieve success in yoga practice, you must also master the correct method. Yoga is a complete scientific system. Although not everyone can perform all yoga postures perfectly, they can undoubtedly master the essentials of yoga practice without any difficulty. Every step of yoga practice should be carried out carefully and not rushed. During the exercise, breathing should be coordinated, the movements should be as relaxed as possible, and the balance of the overall movements should be maintained.

   5. You can slim your legs in the morning and evening while washing

   Do not stand still while brushing your teeth. Slowly stand on your toes, stay for 15 seconds and then slowly put it down. It is best to repeat three times. Besides, if you brush your toothbrush for a long time, you will find that your teeth will get whiter and whiter.

   6. How to lose weight in buses and subways

  A. Push the wall with your hands to exercise your arms while waiting

When waiting for the car, you can hit a place on the wall, stand about 30 cm away from the wall, cross your legs, hold one hand on the wall, slowly bend your elbows, and put your weight on your arms and wrists. Do the same with one hand.

  B. The bag-carrying movement that makes the arms slimmer

  When holding the bag, don't let your arms stand upright. You might as well lift the bag slightly to the waist to exercise your arm muscles.

   C. Stand to the end in the subway, and pull the ring with both hands alternately

   When standing, if you lean against the carriage, it will easily cause the pelvis to tilt. The correct lean arm posture is to stand upright on tiptoe and hold the ring with your hand, which can effectively exercise the forearm.

  D. Lift a heavy bag when riding in the car

   is the same as lifting dumbbells. When riding in the car, you can lift a heavy bag to allow your arms to be fully stretched and exercised.

  7. Weight loss when commuting and climbing stairs

   A. Shaking hands and striding

Walking to work is a great time to lose weight and save money and time. The best way to walk is to "stroke with your hands". Shake it sharply and do the largest exercise, so that you can exercise to all parts of the body, make a thin waist, a thin back, and a thin buttocks, and make the arms free from fat, which is also the best whole-body exercise.

   B. Don't miss the walking stairs

   Of course, don’t miss the chance to go up the stairs. If the company is below the tenth floor, you can take the safety ladder. When going upstairs, it is best to use one step two levels, or even three or four levels. Facts have proved that if you go up the stairs 3 to 4 times a week for 20 minutes each time, you can consume 400 to 5000 calories. In addition, it also helps to strengthen and strengthen the calf, thigh and buttocks muscles.

Healthy weight loss

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