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A fast weight loss meal makes you lose 14 pounds a week

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Fast Weight loss meal

   Production method: prepare 6 onions, a few tomatoes, a cabbage, 2 peppers, and a few celery. Cut the vegetables into pieces, add water, salt, and pepper. First cook on high heat for 10 minutes, then continue to cook on low heat until the vegetables are boiled. The cooked soup can be drunk at any time, but no other things can be placed in the soup.

  On the first day, I can only drink soup and eat fruits. In addition to bananas, other fruits can be eaten, but melons and watermelons should be eaten less, because they contain higher calories than other fruits. If you drink tea, coffee and fruit juice, please do not add milk and sugar.

   On the second day, except for soup, you can eat all vegetables, no sex, and it is best to choose fresh vegetables instead of beans and corn. Don't eat any fruits, drink plenty of water.

   On the third day, you can’t eat high-starch foods. Soup, fruits and vegetables can be eaten casually. Drink plenty of water.

   If you can strictly follow the dietary regulations in the first three days, you can lose 2 to 3 kilograms.

   On the fourth day, in addition to casually drinking soup and eating fruits and vegetables, you can also eat milk and bananas, but the amount cannot exceed the amount of soup.

   On the fifth day, in addition to the soup, you can eat some tomatoes, beef, and a small amount of beef. Tomatoes are best eaten raw. On this day, you are required to drink 6-8 glasses of water, and you only need to drink the soup once.

   On the sixth day, eat beef and vegetables as you like. In addition to drinking soup once, be sure to drink plenty of water.

   On the seventh day, you can eat some rice and vegetables, drink unsweetened fruit juice, and drink plenty of water.

   If you want to continue the reduction after seven days, just repeat this method. If you stop for a day and disrupt your diet, you must start again.

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