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How can I lose weight quickly?

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How can I lose weight fast

   The best way to lose weight is to do relevant aerobic exercise every day. Experts point out that aerobic exercise is the best way to lose weight. Here are two good quick Weight loss methods to teach you how to exercise without being too tired.

   One, jump rope jump "double shake"

  Fitness coach said: You should do 200 skipping exercises every day, which can tighten the muscles of the whole body, consume your fat better, and achieve the purpose of body shaping. This is true! It's just that if you change the rope skipping method, you may get a multiplier effect.

  'S advice to you: try 100 "double shakes" every day

The "double rocking" jumping method in    skipping rope means that when you jump with the rope, the rope passes quickly under your feet twice. Compared with the normal skipping method, this is a certain degree of difficulty, but it is also the best skipping method to consume fat. It effectively burns 26 calories of fat in one minute, and it can tighten your body muscles, exercise endurance, and increase strength.

   2. Jumping in place is the most fat-consuming

   Jumping exercise is a good fitness method. Regular jumping exercises can make the body get health-care oscillations, thereby improving physical health, strengthening physical fitness, and improving exercise levels. Repeated and continuous practice of jumping movements can make the human body bear a certain exercise load, which is beneficial to improve the level of body function, balance ability, and develop the ability and sensitivity of coordinated exertion.

  'S advice for you: in-situ exercises with bare hands

   is to repeat the practice jump continuously upwards without any equipment. For example: Straight-leg jump-starting from squat, swinging arms and kicking the ground to jump up, the fall buffer is restored to squat, so practice 5-10 times a group, practice 2-3 times a week. The essentials of the abdomen jump action are: start from the half squat, swing the arms and jump up, retract the legs and retract the abdomen, and then continue to repeat the exercise after the fall is restored. Twice a week, 3 groups each time, 10-20 per group is fine, it is very effective for abdominal Weight loss.

   During the exercise, you should choose a softer ground, such as sand or grass. After the exercise, pay attention to relax the ** calf area to prevent inflammation of the tibia and affect health.

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