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Simple and fast way to lose weight 21 days to lose weight

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Simple and fast way to lose weight

   21-day rapid Weight loss method: The 21-day rapid Weight loss method refers to completely changing one's living habits in these 21 days, and there is no problem in losing 30 pounds a month. Eliminating body waste can not only lose weight perfectly, but also successfully lose weight, change skin texture, and turn you into a white swan in 21 days. Of course, this method is difficult to do without strong perseverance and determination, and it also has an impact on the body, reducing the content by shrinking the stomach.

There are three stages of rapid loss of 30 catties in 21 days: Stage 1: The first three days to lose weight The first three days are the intestinal cleansing process. Therefore, you must completely fast. You can't touch a grain of rice or vegetables. You can only drink water if it is complete. If you have a bad stomach, you can consider honey water. Pure honey is best. Chrysanthemum and acacia honey are recommended. It has a good effect on cleansing the intestines and can be gentle and nourish the stomach. In addition, fasting is difficult for most people to adapt, so you can start from the second or third day of menstruation. At this time, the appetite is the weakest and it is easier to persist. In addition, drink a glass of 500ML of light after getting up in the morning. Salt water, warm salt water is better, and drink it in small sips.

The second stage: You can eat some fruits and vegetables at this time in the middle of the eighth day, but it is best to eat them raw. Some hard and indigestible fruits and vegetables should be avoided as much as possible, or squeezed into juice, or eaten after cooking, but Don't put any edible oil or seasonings. Add a little salt. You can eat until 6 minutes full. Don't eat anything 5 hours before going to bed at night. You can only drink water. Dinner should be settled before 5 o'clock as much as possible. Fruits that can be eaten in eight days: apples, kiwis, plums, cherries, oranges vegetables that can be eaten in eight days: bitter gourd, cucumber, leafy vegetables

The third stage: You can start eating normally in the next ten days, but it is best to start with porridge first. Since the stomach has gradually adapted to eating, this period is a stable period, but it is also 6 minutes full, so don’t show up. The phenomenon of overeating, once you start to lose weight, you must control your appetite. At the end of the weight loss phase during this period, you will find that you have quickly lost 15 kilograms of fat, and will continue to lose weight later because the reduction in content is a long-term effect, as long as you can persist.

   Recipe for the next ten days: Recommended recipe: a bowl of soy milk for breakfast, two slices of whole wheat bread, an egg and soaking. Chinese food fermented bean curd water spinach, preserved egg mixed with tofu, vinegar cooked mung bean sprouts, half a bowl of rice. Dinner: stir-fried sesame seed, dried shrimp with winter melon, yuba mixed with cucumber, and a small bowl of red bean porridge. Recommended Recipe 2: A bowl of red bean and rice porridge for breakfast, a refreshing side dish (cucumber, carrot, celery plus boiled spiced peanuts), and 1 longan or jujube. Chinese food scrambled eggs with tomatoes, mixed celery with fungus, fried lettuce, and half a bowl of rice. Dinner: Spinach pork blood tofu soup, fried potato shreds, cold cabbage heart. Recommended recipe three breakfast sauce tofu, steamed custard, half a steamed bun. Chinese food cold broccoli, steamed fish, green pepper and winter bamboo shoots, half a bowl of rice. Dinner with green bamboo shoots, mapo tofu, hot and sour lotus root slices, a bowl of millet porridge. Recommended recipe four breakfast pumpkin rice porridge with wolfberry, fried eggs, assorted kimchi. Chinese food braised beef, cold spinach, vegetable kale, half a steamed bun. For dinner, winter melon and pork ribs soup, carrots, green peppers and potato shreds, and mashed tomato sauce. Recommended recipe five breakfast: a steamed waxy corn, a poached egg, a glass of milk. Chinese food tomato beef noodles (only half of the noodles), cold seaweed and shredded carrots. For dinner, Bean Miao Fish Ball Soup, vegetable fried loofah, and 1 piece of roasted sweet potato.

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