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What are the most effective ways to lose weight?

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The most effective way to lose weight:

  1. One meal a day

   People who lose weight with this method need to use it for three days, and the pain index is not particularly high. At breakfast, dieters can drink 500ml of ice milk, and lunch can also be a normal diet, but during dinner, you must not eat starchy foods. At the same time, patients should drink 2500ml every day for these three days. Of hot Pu'er tea. A balanced diet must include rice, vegetables, and meat. Those who lose weight at noon should eat as much as possible.

  2, honey three-day fasting method

   This method is best used on weekends, because the pain index is particularly high. Because during these three days, dieters can only drink honey water and cannot eat any other foods. At the same time, honey can only be washed with boiling water at room temperature, if hot water is used, it will destroy the nutrition of honey. If the patient is too hungry, he can use honey directly. This method continues to achieve the purpose of detoxification, and it can also make the skin of the Weight loss better and better.

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