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What to eat to lose weight the fastest?

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What to eat to lose weight the fastest?

   One, face-lift champion-celery

   The calories contained in a handful of celery are 5 calories, but the calories needed to chew and digest celery exceeds the calories provided by the celery itself, which is the champion of face-lifting!

  Recommended eating method-stir-fried lily with celery


   200g celery, 140g fresh lily, 10 wolfberries, appropriate amount of salt, a small amount of chicken essence, 2 tablespoons of oil, about 30ml.

  How to

   1. Fresh lily peels and stalks, disassembled and washed (dry lily soaked in water, drained for later use), celery to remove old tendons, washed, cut diagonally into slices, medlar soaked in water, drained and set aside

  2. Boil the celery in the boiling water, remove it and put it in ice water, dry and reserve for later use.

  3. Heat the wok, add oil, and heat to 50% heat, add celery and stir fry quickly.

   4. Add the lily and stir fry quickly until the lily is slightly transparent.

   5. Add wolfberry and stir fry, add salt and chicken essence to taste.

   When sauteing celery and lily, the time should not be too long. If the time is too long, the dishes will get old and the texture will not be crispy.

   Two, thin waist champion-strawberry

   Strawberry doesn't seem to appear frequently in the "pioneer team" of fruit and vegetable Weight loss, but it is the most powerful by reducing the waist "swimming circle"! Beckham's wife Victoria is the beneficiary of the strawberry thin waist. This is all due to a miraculous substance called aspartic acid contained in strawberries. It can naturally and smoothly remove excess water from the waist, slowly dissolve the fat accumulated around the waist, help the body eliminate fat and detoxify, and help you easily become a small waist.

  Recommended eating

  1, honey mixed strawberry

   Stirring strawberries with honey is very suitable for those who are afraid of eating sour things. The quality of strawberries is lower than that of fresh strawberries. At least slightly sour strawberries can become very sweet under the action of honey.

First, wash the fresh strawberries, drain the water, cut them into small pieces, and then put honey according to your personal taste. Those who like sweeter can put more honey, and those who like sweet and sour taste less. a little. After the honey is put in, mix them well, and then put them in the refrigerator.

   About two or three hours later, the frozen honey is mixed with strawberries. The taste is more comfortable than eating fresh strawberries. There is a sticky taste of honey, and the sweet and sour taste of honey immersed in the strawberry flesh.

  2, sugar strawberry jam

   The method of making is very simple, that is, put a little salad oil in a warm pot, then put the washed and cut strawberries into the stir fry, but the strawberries should be cut into very small pieces. When the strawberries are almost broken into pieces, put the white sugar in and continue to fry until you feel mushy.

   It can be eaten refrigerated or eaten directly. However, the strawberry jam produced in this way has a lot of water, so you need to be careful not to spill the water on your clothes when you eat it.

  3, strawberry ice milk

   This drink is suitable for beauty-loving MMs whether it is eaten in the summer morning or as a thirst quenching drink.

The ingredients are very simple. Just go to the supermarket and choose a can of pure milk. When you go home, pour the milk into a glass, and then cut the washed strawberries in half. Strawberry iced milk is not suitable for large ones, smaller ones. Is better. Then put the strawberries in the milk, the beautiful strawberries will sink to the bottom of the milk cup and look very beautiful. For family gatherings, you can greet guests with it when friends come to play at home.

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