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Skyrocketing weight teaches you to quickly detoxify and lose weight

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1. Light food with whole grains

   It is inevitable to eat some big fish and meat during the New Year. At this time, eating more light things will not only help the stomach and intestines slowly return to normal conditions, but also develop good eating habits and achieve better Weight loss results.

   At this time, the staple food should be coarse grains, and you might as well increase corn, oats and other foods.

   Eating whole grains MM may also be unbearable. It is better to eat it with something delicious and digestive. As the saying goes, "Tasty dumplings are not good enough". Dumpling skins made from wheat flour are rich in fiber. You can also choose fillings made from a variety of vegetables. You don't have to worry about fat, no matter if you steam it or boil it, you can do multiple things in one fell swoop.

  2. Drink plenty of soup and let you lose weight

   Healthy and nutritious soup not only does not require too many cooking skills, but also takes nutrition and energy into consideration, and adds deliciousness. If you want to lose weight, when should you not move your mouth?

   Drink plenty of porridge and soup, such as millet porridge, noodle soup, etc. These soups and water have a good "clearing fire" effect, allowing your already "overwhelmed" stomach and intestines to rest and adjust.

   Winter Melon and Corn Soup: This soup is not only simple to cook, but also has a strong effect of reducing fat and edema. If you continue to drink it for a month, it will have great results.

   Method: First add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add a few cloves of garlic and goji berries after the water is boiled, then pour in the peeled corn kernels, boil for a while, add the winter melon cubes, and then add a little salt to the soup.

   Freshly peeled corn kernels and wax gourd are foods that are easy to cook, so you need to master the time according to the amount of food. Don't cook the corn kernels and wax gourd too badly, otherwise it will affect the taste.

  Lotus barley porridge: The lotus leaf has a fresh fragrance, which can reduce dampness and fat removal.

   Method: 1 piece of fresh lotus leaf, washed, shredded and boiled for juice. Remove the lotus residue, simmer 50 grams of lotus leaf juice, coix seed, and 30 grams of japonica rice to make porridge.

   Take breakfast for more than 1 month.

  3, drink plenty of water to hydrolyze greasy

   If every meal is inevitably greasy for a few days, MM will experience excessive fat intake.

   May wish to reduce the intake of refined rice, noodles, sweets, etc. in two or three days, and allow yourself to drink more boiled water. This method can speed up the metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract and restore the gastrointestinal tract to a normal level as soon as possible. This method can also reduce the harm of a large amount of meat food and wine to the liver.

   If you think the boiling water is not tasteful, you might as well buy some honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, honey soaked in water, or drink oolong tea and black coffee, which are all very good choices.

  The honey water must be warm water, otherwise it will decompose nutrients and drink it for nothing!

   Oolong tea and black coffee must not add milk or sugar, otherwise it will increase fat.

   4. Eat more fruits to balance digestion

  Many of Chinese New Year’s delicacies are fried foods or desserts, but fried foods can easily cause spleen and stomach heat stagnation, leading to constipation or bloating. Over-eating desserts can also cause spleen deficiency and dampness, resulting in stagnation of dampness and diarrhea. Eating too much of these foods not only bites the stomach, but also affects the body.

   Eating more fruits is quite effective in adjusting the unbalanced digestive function during festivals.

   Oranges, papaya, apples, tomatoes, etc., they can well adjust the digestive function and have the effect of eliminating heat stagnation.

   You can also squeeze the juice from these fruits, but you should drink it 1 to 2 hours after eating. If you drink it immediately after eating, it will only increase the burden on the stomach.

   5. Green vegetables supplement fiber

   I eat a lot every day, thinking that I have supplemented all the nutrients my body needs. In fact, a lot of dietary fiber may be lost in the big fish.

  Due to insufficient intake of fresh fruits and vegetables during the holiday season, coupled with reduced exercise, there will be constipation or poor excretion, so pay special attention to the supplement of dietary fiber.

   Eat more fresh vegetables and less meat to replenish enough fiber, such as asparagus, fennel, zucchini, and beans. The fiber they contain can help the body detoxify, reduce bloating, and clean up the stomach.

   It is best not to cut the vegetables too finely, and chew them carefully when eating, so that saliva can be secreted naturally to help digestion.

   It is best to use vegetarian food for three meals a day. For breakfast, you must eat vegetables. Fresh vegetables such as lettuce, mustard greens, carrots, and celery are best eaten as staple food.

   Even if it is a seasonal dish, it should not be stored for too long. Try to buy it on the same day and eat it on the same day. For example, lettuce must be peeled for storage, wrapped in plastic wrap, and stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 5 days. Otherwise, it will not only taste bad, lose nutrients, but also produce toxins due to deterioration, and cause food poisoning after eating.

   6, the principles of diet after the holiday

   Do not drink stir-fried vegetable soup.

   Stir-fried vegetable soup contains high oil content, which can easily make people gain weight and destroy the weight-loss effect.

   Don’t eat supper.

   Try not to eat 4 hours before going to bed, otherwise the food will accumulate and turn into fat.

  Keep away from alcoholic beverages.

  Alcohol is also a high-calorie category, and its calories are second only to fat. Pay attention to your diet and alcohol.

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