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What to eat if you want to lose weight quickly

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on Monday

   Breakfast: low-fat fresh milk, whole wheat cheese sandwich, one apple

  Lunch: Spinach beef, mushroom tofu, radish coriander soup, germ rice

   Dinner: tomato macaroni, cabbage soup for Weight loss

  on Tuesday

  Breakfast: a bowl of soy milk, two slices of whole wheat bread, one egg

  Lunch: Tomato, tofu and bean sprout soup, half a bowl of rice or two steamed buns

   Dinner: Kelp and Sydney Tomato Soup (1~2 bowls), 1 bowl of boiled vegetables or one lettuce salad (can be seasoned with vinegar and salt, do not use high-heat salad dressing)

 on Wednesday

   Breakfast: boiled water spinach, sweet potato porridge, pork floss mixed with tofu, a kiwi

  Lunch: Tomato beef risotto, cabbage and mushroom soup

  Dinner: dried vegetable noodles, mushroom and cucumber soup


   early: two eggs, a glass of vegetable juice, an apple

  中: a small portion of chicken, a portion of roasted carrots, and cold celery

  Night: a small bowl of oatmeal and an orange

  Breakfast: a poached egg (to remove the yolk), a cucumber, a glass of freshly squeezed juice

  Lunch: half a bowl of rice, fried chicken with mushrooms, a plate of cold cucumber

   Dinner: a boiled noodle, a cucumber, a vegetable salad (do not mix with salad dressing, preferably low-fat yogurt)

  on Saturday

  Morning: a cup of honey water, whole wheat bread

  中: a serving of boiled vegetables, fried fungus with lean meat, and a small bowl of rice

  Night: vegetable porridge


   Breakfast: steamed custard, a steamed bun, an apple

  Lunch: Loofah stewed tofu, half a bowl of rice

   Dinner: Chixiaodou porridge, a banana

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