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5 parts to lose weight quickly, you deserve it!

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When you start to become obese, which parts of your body send out the first signal? The thick layer of abdominal fat and the concentrated part of people's digestive organs are most prone to obesity. Finding out the parts of the body that are prone to obesity and targeted Weight loss can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

   1. Abdomen

   We can find that whether a man or a woman, the most prominent part of an obese figure is the abdomen. The fat layer of the abdomen is thicker than some parts such as the arms and back. If you can't sit for a long time, eat incontinence or have constipation, the abdomen will bulge out obviously.

  For Weight loss methods

   Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, which can help gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation, and have a significant effect on solving abdominal obesity. In terms of exercise, keep running, cycling, swimming and other whole-body aerobic exercises while cooperating with some exercises aimed at abdominal obesity. Such as abdominal crunches, sit-ups and so on.

   2. Chin

   Looking at a person, many people are used to looking at the face first. Therefore, the face is the easiest to betray a person. If you have a double chin, no matter how slender your limbs are, you will not be thin in the eyes of others. In the age of technology, the team of the bow-headed race is getting bigger and bigger. If you bow your head for a long time, it is easy to have double chins when your chin is compressed. In addition, careless daily diet, accumulation of toxins, and swelling of the face can also cause double chins.

  For weight loss methods

   To reduce the double chin caused by swelling, you should eat more diuretic and swelling foods, such as red beans, winter melon, etc. In addition to paying attention to your diet, taking a few minutes of facial ** in the morning and evening can effectively alleviate the problem of facial swelling. The specific technique is to use the index fingers of both hands to push to both sides along the edge of the chin.

  3. Inner thigh

   The thighs are most likely to grow on the inside. The inner muscles are less exercised, plus sitting for a long time under pressure, it is naturally easy to grow flesh. Although the one-acre three-point land is not easy to show up, but it still makes the lower body look bloated.

  For weight loss methods

   Sit down for 40-60 minutes and get up and walk around. If you can climb stairs, try to use as few elevators as possible. In the office, you can use the working time to do some stovepipe movements: raise your heels with your feet, bend your left knee, use your knee to close your abdomen, then lower it, and change your right leg to bend your knee.
  4. Buttocks

   With age, poor sitting posture, and improper choice of **, sagging buttocks is a problem faced by many women.

  For weight loss methods

   Avoid sitting for a long time. If you have to do it for a long time, you must maintain a correct sitting posture. The hips occupy two-thirds of the chair. In sports, you can do some hip-lifting movements, such as squats.

   5. Underarm

   Improper wearing for a long time and lack of exercise will cause some fleshy flesh to escape from the armpit to the chest, forming a "secondary milk"!

  For weight loss methods

   Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. Clothes that are too cautious are not conducive to blood circulation. In addition, you can use pressure to do some arm exercises. Stand up straight, hold the dumbbells in front of your abdomen, and pull the dumbbells to your chin parallel to your body, then inhale, and then lower to the original position. 15~25 is a set, 2~3 sets can be done at a time.

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