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Lose 2 pounds a day for fast weight loss

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Fruit recipes for Weight loss fruits Fruits are good Weight loss recipes. No matter how they are combined, they can help you lose weight quickly. If eaten as a staple food, the weight loss effect will be more obvious, and your constipation problem will also be improved. The point is that eating fruits for breakfast has many benefits to the body, and low-calorie weight loss can also bring you vitality throughout the day.

   Weight loss breakfast Recipe Yogurt Fruit Salad Ingredients: 300g each of apples, bananas, sweet peaches, 2 brown plums, 1 lemon, 1000g watermelon. A bottle of Kraft plain yogurt (227g), a little salt, and 50g sugar. Method: Cut half of the lemon into half-round slices, chop half, mix well with salt and sugar and marinate for 30 minutes. Cut all fruits into dices about 2 cm square. Mix well with yogurt and lemon curd, and mix well with diced fruit.

   Fruit cake sushi ingredients: 100 grams of sushi rice, appropriate amount of perilla powder, 1 kiwi fruit, appropriate amount of orange slices, a few hazelnuts, 2 cake models, 2 pieces of plastic wrap, appropriate apple slices, appropriate strawberries, and a little mint leaves. Method: Mix perilla plum powder and sushi rice evenly and set aside. Peel and slice kiwi fruit for later use. Spread a piece of plastic wrap on the model, fill the rice of Practice 1 to 1/2 full, fully press it firmly with your hands, and spread a layer of kiwi slices, then fill the model with rice, press it tightly and then take it off mold. Arrange orange slices, apple slices, strawberries, and kiwi slices on the shaped rice as you like, and then decorate with hazelnuts and mint leaves.

   yogurt and fruit fishing ingredients: a box of yogurt, fruit can be matched at will, the best match is a combination of star fruit, orange, apple and strawberry. Method: In fact, the method is very simple. First, clean and cut the fruit, then spread the fruit, and finally pour the yogurt evenly on the spread fruit, and you can taste it.

  Coconut-flavored fruit party ingredients: a little watermelon, 2 lychees, half a kiwi fruit, 50g milk powder. Method: Peel and slice the fruit, set aside. Rinse the coconut milk powder and freeze it.

   Fruit yogurt pancake ingredients: 1 bottle of yogurt, appropriate amount of flour, 1 egg, fruit (choose what you like). Method: Stir yogurt, eggs, and flour into a paste. There is no amount of flour. Use a pan to fry, just like usual pancakes. Use a biscuit mold to dig out the kiwi fruit and a pancake into a cute shape. Beat the tomatoes into a sauce. Use a blender and pour it on the pancakes.

   Fruit tower materials: 61 grams of cream, 31 grams of powdered sugar, 1 gram of salt, 20 grams of eggs, 78 grams of high powder, 20 grams of low powder, 2 grams of milk powder, 0.3 grams of baking powder. Method: Pour powdered sugar into butter. Dispense until pale. Add egg liquid in 3 times and stir. Stir it well. Sift into the powder. Knead into a dough and place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Take a small piece and put it in the mold. Press it evenly. 180 degrees, 15 minutes. After cooling, squeeze in whipped cream.

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