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The fastest and most effective way to lose 10 pounds fast

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   1. Starting today, you can try to eat only 70% to 80% of the previous meal

   If you usually eat too much, you must first reduce your appetite. Every day you only need to make up the energy you need for that day.

   2. Eat some low-calorie foods

   If you don’t eat a lot but the calories are too high, it will accumulate into fat. You can eat some vegetables. Generally, vegetables are low in calories and easy to digest. Meat can be nutritionally matched by eating low-calorie foods such as fish and chicken.

   3. Eat early for dinner and eat less

  In general, long fat is at night. Many people eat late for dinner. And it’s weird if you don’t grow meat when you are full. It is recommended to eat before 7 o'clock in the evening every night, and do not eat after eating.


   It’s not enough to control your diet. Also consume the previously accumulated fat. Burning fat can really lose weight!

   1. It is recommended to jog on the treadmill for one hour every day

  Ordinary exercise can only consume the calories you consume in a day. If you want to consume fat, you must exercise for a long time. Generally start to burn fat after 40 minutes of jogging. Persistence for a month will be effective. At the same time, you can exercise your body to increase your resistance.

   2. Take a walk after dinner

   The so-called one hundred steps after a meal to live to ninety-nine. Taking a walk after a meal is three times the calories consumed by a normal walk. Compared with breakfast and lunch, the Weight loss effect of walking after dinner will be better. Sticking to a walk for one hour a day after 50 minutes after dinner is very helpful for Weight loss!

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