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4 ways to lose weight fast

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Although the Weight loss method can't jump out of the two big circles of "diet management" and "sports fitness", there are some auxiliary techniques that can play a catalyst-like effect and help you change your body shape subtly. Watch less TV, drink some red wine, adjust the order of eating... These methods can help you speed up the process of losing weight. You can do it easily. Why not do it? If you want to lose weight quickly, please pay attention to the following 4 fast Tips for losing weight, get rid of fat easily and quickly!

  1, vitamin supplement

"Vitamin supplementation" can not only keep you healthy, but also help you lose weight! Experiments have shown that adequate vitamins can reduce people's cravings for food, so you must be polite this summer, hurry up and put oranges, watermelons, apples, kiwis, etc. All vitamin-rich fruits are "in your bag"!

  2, lotus leaf ash Weight loss

There is a medicinal material in Chinese medicine, which has a very powerful weight loss effect. The name is lotus leaf ash. Lotus leaf ash is an ancient prescription in the Ming Dynasty. The phlegm is no longer transformed into phlegm, and the water you drink will not accumulate in the body, which naturally solves the problem of obesity.

There are many medicinal materials in Chinese medicine that can invigorate the spleen. Why is the effect of lotus leaf ash only good? This is because: in addition to promoting yang and invigorating the spleen, lotus leaf ash also has an important function, which is to "reduce turbidity". The accumulated phlegm, turbidity and wetness find a way out and excrete it from urine. In this way, on the one hand, it promotes yang and invigorates the spleen, and on the other hand reduces turbidity. The dual effect of weight loss comes out. Let's make a summary of the effect of lotus leaf ash, which can be summed up in one sentence commonly used by the people, in four words, "to promote clearness and reduce turbidity". Increased freshness, decreased turbidity, weight loss, and refreshed energy, this is the most precious part of lotus leaf ash weight loss.

In actual use, the weight loss effect of lotus leaf ash is also very well-recognized, but the production of lotus leaf ash is more complicated. There is news that a large number of fake black lotus leaf ash appears on the market in Ganzhou, Jiangxi. The main feature is that the color is black, similar to plant ash. , And the real lotus leaf gray color is burnt yellow.

   3. Reward yourself appropriately

If you are going to lose weight by controlling your diet, then be kind to yourself, give yourself a "holiday" after insisting on it for a period of time, and reward yourself with your coveted chocolate or cake. The effect may be more harsh. The requirements are better. Being too strict with yourself may cause you to completely collapse when you encounter a weight loss bottleneck, give up weight loss and eat and drink vindictively.

   4. Watch less TV

   Can you lose weight by watching less TV? Isn’t that incredible, but the results of the experiment are indeed the case. This is because people can't afford to sit in front of a TV or computer for a long time, and even their metabolism will slow down. If you reduce the time spent on the Internet or watching TV, you will walk around, do housework or go out for activities, which will consume calories. The amount is greatly increased.

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