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Fast weight loss exercise method

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There is a way to slender arms

  The arm is definitely a key part. Some people say that reducing the belly is easy, and there is also a way to reduce the buttocks, but the "butterfly sleeve" is the most troublesome. Because we use the lower arm more daily, but the muscles of the upper arm are more difficult to move, and it is easy to accumulate fat in the upper arm.

   Sports points:

   Lie on your side and do exercises. For example, if you lie down to the left side, use your right hand to prop up your body once and do 10 reps; then switch to the other side to do it. Just make you feel soreness in your upper arm. You can also pass through the upper arm meridians and collaterals, with the unblocked flow of blood throughout the body, the fat on the arm will slowly dissipate.

   close waist**

   When you put on low-rise pants and close-fitting skirts, I believe your desire for a slim waist will rise straight.

   diagonally down from both sides of the waist along the pelvis, it is the human body’s "pulse-carrying" circuit. **This is not only for Weight loss, but also beneficial to the health of the female reproductive system. You can lie flat on the bed, tap or push this meridian; come over again, push along the lumbar vertebrae from the middle to the tailbone until it gets hot. In the beauty salon, the esthetician will be more effective in giving you sex, you can comb your fat, pat, beat, pinch, and press on the back and waist with a certain intensity. After every time you finish, you will feel the waist rise. There was a fire, burning fat raging.

  Fast Weight loss exercise method


   Although a lot of weight loss can reduce the weight, the heavy back muscles are always entangled, especially when wearing a vest or sling, the fat on the back becomes more eye-catching.

   Lie flat on the bed, with the abdomen as a fulcrum, the hands are stretched back, the head and feet are raised at the same time, in a "Little Yanfei" shape. The movements should be slow, count once for two seconds, and do 15-20 times each time. This exercise is a very effective method for patients with cervical and lumbar spine, and it also has a good effect on the weight loss of the back. In the beauty salon, as long as you lie on the bed, the esthetician will help your entire back in an orderly manner and adjust the intensity for the fat and thin conditions.

   Buttocks exercise

   Buttocks are the hardest-hit areas that are prone to orange peel and sagging, especially white-collar women, who need to sit in the office for a long time every day due to work relations, which will increase the fat on the buttocks more quickly and make the body shape pear-shaped.

   Do more hip-lifting exercises, you can quickly reproduce the beautiful curve.

  Recommended exercise method for fast weight loss

   There are ways to stovepipe

   Carefully observe, you will find that the legs account for almost half of the body. A pair of slender ** is more feminine than other body parts. However, the long-term lack of exercise has made the legs loose, thick and lacking in beauty.

   There are two meridians on the legs-the stomach meridian and the gall bladder meridian are very good for weight loss. Usually, if you have nothing to do, you can beat it more. It will definitely make you more profitable.

   Gallbladder meridian is easy to find, just tap it all the way from thigh to calf along the trouser line; the stomach meridian is located on the outside of the leg bone, you can tap it all the way from the lower part through the abdomen to the outside of the leg bone, tapping 200 times each time.

   Press the thigh and calf muscles again. This will help promote blood circulation in the deep muscles, improve edema, and detoxify and remove fat. The effect will be good.

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