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What grapes to eat for weight loss

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Grape Weight loss method to lose a few catties a week 7 days grape recipe makes you lose 5 catties easily

   You can lose at least 5 catties by eating grapes a week

   1. The calories in grapes are not high, 100 grams of grapes have only 43 calories. And some experts pointed out that Weight loss drugs generally bring risks to patients with cardiovascular disease, but fresh black grapes and green grapes contain a lot of vitamins that help weight loss, and there is a flavonoid that can protect the heart, and can curb Anti-cancer substances formed by malignant tumors.

  2. Furthermore, a study by Mexican medical experts found that women who eat more than a dozen fresh grapes a day can not only supplement a lot of vitamins, but also have a good weight loss effect and are also beneficial to cardiovascular health.

   If you follow my one-week grape weight loss recipe below, as long as you don't overuse practical grapes, I can guarantee that you can lose at least 5 catties.

  One week grape diet

  Day 1

   Breakfast can be eaten normally. Lunch can also be eaten normally, as long as 10 grapes are eaten before the meal. It is enough to eat a seven-point full for dinner, and then eat 5 grapes after the meal.

   day 2

   Breakfast is reduced by 20% than usual, and then 10 grapes are eaten after the meal. Eat 8 minutes full for lunch, and drink a cup of raisin slimming tea after the meal. Only eat half of the dinner, drink a cup of raisin slimming tea after the meal, resolutely stop eating anything after 7 o'clock in the evening, and drink plenty of water when you are hungry.

  Day 3

   Breakfast can be eaten normally. Lunch is only 7 minutes full, and there is no need to eat anything else after the meal. Don't eat staple food for dinner, just eat 1 serving of raisin oatmeal.

   Day 4

   You can’t eat any staple food on this day, you can only drink raisin slimming tea, you can also eat grapes, unlimited, you can eat until you are full.

   Day 5

   1 serving of raisin oatmeal for breakfast. At lunch, drink 1 glass of grape tomato juice before a meal, and only eat 6 points full. Only drink 1 cup of grape tomato juice for dinner, no other food, drink plenty of water when you are hungry, and go to bed early.

   day 6

   Like the fourth day, I can’t eat any staple food, I can only eat grapes, drink grape slimming tea, and drink a lot of water.

   Day 7

   Eat breakfast normally. Reduce the amount of lunch by half, and drink a cup of raisin slimming tea after the meal. For dinner, I have a raisin oatmeal and a glass of grape tomato juice.

   Note: Although grapes are a good weight loss fruit, remember that it must be in moderation and not excessive consumption, otherwise it will become more obese! I hope everyone can eat grapes and get the body they want.

   Tips for losing weight with grapes in a week

   1. Procurement of grapes

  How to choose fresh grapes? First, you have to observe the main branches of its ears. If it is very verdant green, it is a proof of freshness. In addition, you should also choose the ones with firm and full grains and elastic to the touch, then this bunch of grapes is very good!

  2, cleaning of grapes

   There are often white powders on the grape skins. It may be white fruit powder or residual pesticides. Because it is not easy to distinguish, so you must pay special attention when cleaning, you must fully soak. Fortunately, fruit farmers now put on paper bags when they grow grapes. For those who are afraid of pesticides, it can be regarded as an extra layer of protection.

   3. It is not advisable to drink water immediately after eating grapes

   Grapes itself has the effect of laxative and moisturizing the intestines. Drink water immediately after eating grapes. The stomach will dilute the acid before digestion and absorption of the water. Grapes and water and gastric acid are rapidly oxidized and fermented, which accelerates intestinal peristalsis and is prone to diarrhea.

   3. Eat grapes without spitting out grape skins

   As mentioned above, grapes are full of treasures. Grape skins are rich in grape polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanins, resveratrol and other substances, which have a good effect of reducing blood lipids, accelerating lipolysis, and anti-aging. Therefore, when eating grapes, don't abandon these "treasures".

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