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Fast weight loss diet plan

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If you want to achieve a true Weight loss effect, you need to re-change your previous living habits. The following is a guide to the Fast weight loss diet plan. The 4 major plans will make you healthy and slimming will not rebound. Let’s take a look at these. The trick!

   One, morning (7 o'clock-9 o'clock)

   have coffee before breakfast

Drinking a cup of coffee 30 minutes before breakfast can control your appetite well. You only need to eat 75% of the usual food to feel full and burn fat quickly because coffee contains a kind of xanthine. Can provide enough calories for your body.

   Calcium supplement for breakfast

Allowing the body to take in enough calcium every day can speed up fat burning. Studies have found that this method of eating can lose 22% more body weight, 61% more fat, and more belly fat than women who do not take calcium. 81% off!

   Drink a glass of plum juice before going to the bathroom

  Sour plum contains a substance called epiphyll, which can help the body effectively expel fat and toxins. Drinking a cup of sour plum juice can help the liver expel toxins from the body and prevent obesity.

   Two, morning (10 o'clock-11 o'clock)

  Drink more water

   If you want to lose 2 kg of weight this week, how much water you drink every day is related to your weight. Calculated by body weight, you should drink 31.3 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight (for example, a woman weighing 50 kilograms should drink 1.565 liters of water per day).

   Eat some peanuts between breakfast and lunch

  The Weight loss of those who eat peanuts is twice that of those who do not eat peanuts. If you eat a handful of peanuts every day, your calorie intake will be reduced by 333 calories. So eat some peanuts before lunch!

   Wednesday, noon (12 o'clock-13 o'clock)

   eat fermented food

   Eating fermented foods, such as steamed buns, sandwiches, etc., is less likely to feel hungry, at least one hour longer than eating ordinary foods. This is because during the fermentation process of food, starch and sugars are broken down into components that are not easily digestible. The digestive system needs more time to digest it, and you will not be hungry easily.

   have a cup of strong tea

The *** in    strong tea can greatly suppress your appetite, reduce your appetite by 35%, and speed up your metabolism. Therefore, the weight loss effect is not harmful to the body but also effective.

   Thursday, afternoon (14 o'clock-16 o'clock)

   a spoonful of honey

Honey can adjust your blood sugar to a normal level within 20 minutes after a meal, and keep this normal state stably within 2 hours, so as to reduce your hunger and soothe your hunger. Emotions, keep a happy mood.

  Friday, afternoon (17 o'clock-19:00)

   Add chili to the dinner

  According to research, eating some healthy foods at the regular meal, such as chili, ginger, pepper, etc. can accelerate the burning of body fat and keep the metabolism for more than 3 hours.

Healthy weight loss

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