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What is the fastest way to lose weight on the abdomen

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What is The fastest way to lose weight on the abdomen

   I have to say that the Weight loss of the abdomen is the most difficult part of the body except the thighs, but in order to wear beautiful tights, the fat on the abdomen must be cut off! What are some ways to quickly reduce the abdomen? Come and learn with the editor.

  The fastest way to lose weight on the abdomen

   I have a lot of fat on my abdomen. I don’t have a size for my favorite pants. I can’t wear clothes that look good on the body. I look like pregnant from the side. When I sit down, there are three swimming laps. I can’t stand it anymore! Is there a way to reduce belly fat? In fact, in addition to necessary exercise, a healthy diet and regular work and rest are also essential.

  The most common abdominal Weight loss method-sit-ups

   Sit-ups are a very simple abdominal weight loss method, but there are a lot of simple movements, such as not holding your head with your hands, not being able to straighten your legs, and cooperating with your breathing. Because holding the head with both hands will cause the back to bend, the lumbar intervertebral disc is compressed, and the spine is damaged. Holding the head with both hands subconsciously will also invisibly increase the pressure on the cervical spine; if the legs are straightened, the harm is even more serious. According to measurements, this exercise posture will generate 3300 Newtons of force on the spine, which will cause low back injuries. .

The correct method of abdominal weight loss with sit-ups and breathing is to bend your legs to 45 degrees, and the soles of your feet are parallel to the ground; place your hands on the surface of your thighs, and when you get up, move your hands to your knees, or hold your hands near your temples; neck Relax with your shoulders, straighten your head, and separate your chin from your chest; force your abdominal muscles, slowly lift your shoulders off the ground, and exhale at the same time; keep your body bent for 2-3 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position and inhale at the same time.

  The current popular abdominal weight loss method-plank support

   The so-called plank abdominal weight loss method is a simple muscle training similar to push-ups. Action essentials: Lie on your stomach, spread your elbows shoulder-width apart, support your elbow joints on the ground, and keep your upper arms and torso 90 degrees as far as possible. Put your two toes together to reduce the support area. Straighten the neck naturally, look forward and downward, keep your chest straight, keep the head, shoulders, hips, and lower limbs on the same plane, tighten the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, so that the spine is in a natural, physiologically curved shape. Breathe naturally, do not hold your breath, and the hip joints should not fall or lean to the sides of the body. The action of this abdominal weight loss method seems simple, but it can make the muscle groups in the back, abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and core muscle groups such as adductors and diaphragm get certain exercises.

What needs to be reminded is that many people do not perform standard exercises when doing plank support. For example, the hips are tilted up or down, the upper arms and forearms are not at a vertical angle, the head is tilted back or forward, and the body is skewed. This is not only a fitness effect. Not good, it may also cause cervical or lumbar injury. Therefore, you must keep your hips, waist, and legs in a straight line. In addition, it is best to warm up for 10-15 minutes before doing plank support.

  The most effective abdominal weight loss method-abdominal curling exercise

   abdominal curling exercise is one of the most effective abdominal weight loss methods, mainly to exercise the rectus abdominis. If you want to practice abdominal muscles, for beginners who lack exercise and lack of waist and abdomen strength, you can do abdominal crunching first. It is very similar to common sit-ups, but its technical requirements and exercise effect are better than supine-ups. Sitting is more clear and effective.

The basic action of    abdominal curling exercise is like this: Lie on your back on the ground, bend your knees, and lay your feet flat on the ground; lift your body like sit-ups, but keep your lower back on the ground; then recover. A 2004 study by Gilbert M. Willett, an associate professor at the Internal Lass State University Medical Center, showed that the abdominal muscles will double the exercise of the abdominal muscles when the abdomen is sucked off the ground. In addition, there are many deformations of abdominal curling, such as cross-arm curling, vertical leg curling, leg-touching abdominal curling, etc.; it can also be performed on a fitness ball. If you want to slim your abdomen by exercising the external oblique muscles, you can try the abdominal weight loss method called side rolls.

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