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When you can’t keep on losing weight, you should: How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

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How to motivate to lose weight 1. The road to lose weight is always painful. You can't eat good food, you have to exercise hard, and you are hovering on the edge of the limit every day. Sometimes I often want to give up, but when I can’t stick to it, I must warn myself that I have already done this, how can I give up halfway? To build a mentality for yourself, remind yourself repeatedly if you can't persist.

   How to motivate to lose weight 2. 1. Self-Tucao method Sometimes exercise is too tired, just thinking about so hard to lose weight and want to give up inexplicably. At this time, you should compare with some people who are particularly good in figure, and see that they are thinner than you, richer than you, and more beautiful than you. Such excellent people work so hard to keep fit, so what reason do you have to give up?

   How to motivate to lose weight 3. There is so much meat on the stomach, it is really a pig to eat again, and the food that has been eaten will become a number that is said to be on the top of the table. Since you want to change yourself, you can't even control your stomach, so you can talk about your ideals in life. Look at the people who laugh at your fat, you must not be despised by these people. 2. Setting short-term goals Since it is so easy to give up, set short-term goals for yourself every day, so that you have the hope of losing weight. For example, take 20 minutes of aerobic breathing today, 50 sit-ups tomorrow, and 10 planks the day after tomorrow.

   How to motivate to lose weight 4. Although the amount of exercise is not large, Weight loss emphasizes gradual and orderly progress, so that the body can bear it in the early stage. In the later stage, you can slowly increase the amount of exercise, and then set the next goal. 3. Peer Incentives Some people may have poor self-control, so they can't stand it in three days.

    How to motivate to lose weight 5. At this time, find a partner who also wants to lose weight. Two people encourage each other and supervise each other. A small penalty can be set. If someone gives up first to meet a requirement of the other party, this can also play a certain incentive role. And to go to the gym, you must have no distracting thoughts, you just want to lose weight in your heart.

    Now that you have entered that place, you have to struggle to control your body, not just for the appearance of good looks. Ah, Latin Yansi pulls %ben Wang Qian Shijun to kick it bad? You can pay attention to the fitness expert in advance, usually use her photos as screensavers, and then motivate yourself, when you can't hold on, just take a look.

    TV Meng Xixiang is a little bit ‘first think about the reason why you insisted at the beginning, and secondly you can set a small goal for yourself, and reward yourself when you reach the goal.

    Cats replaced them? I posted $ on my mother's computer to see more photos of thin people, and buy a piece of clothing that a standard-weight person can wear. These methods can motivate oneself and improve the motivation to persist in losing weight.

    Xie Zinan's hair is cooked, and Xie Yisi raises her hair...I will tell myself that I will be better if I lose weight. Motivate yourself in this way. Often the effect is quite good.

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