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What is the most effective way to thin legs

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What is the most effective way to thin legs

   Have you heard of the saying "dancing stovepipe"? There are mixed opinions on this view. Some people say that they can be thin, but some people say that they will make the legs thicker. Can dancing be thin legs? What is the most effective way to thin legs? Let's take a look with the editor below!

  What is the most effective way to thin legs

  Step1 Hold the legs with both hands, and repeatedly push the legs up and down to relax and warm up the legs to prepare for the subsequent massage.

   arms around the calf

  Step2 Embrace the calf with both hands, use the power of the four fingers to relax by pressing, the calf is dominated by the calf, the strength should be strong, and the muscles are sore.

  The joint of the index finger presses the leg evenly

  Step3 Make a fist with both hands, apply pressure with the joint of the index finger, start from both sides of the leg, and press the leg evenly. When you press, feel the force on both sides, and you just feel a little pain.

   Slowly squeeze upward from the ankle

  Step 4 The thumb and index finger of the hand pinch the leg from both sides, and then slowly squeeze upward from the ankle, requiring more force, and the leg should feel a little sore.

   Use the index finger to press the acupoints on the legs

  Step5 Use the key of the index finger to press the acupoints on the legs, pressing each acupuncture point 3-5 times. It has detoxification effect and can make circulation in the legs smoother.

   the way of stovepipe

   Method 1: Apply stovepipe cream + plastic wrap

   In fact, many people have tried this method. Some people say it works, and some people say it doesn’t work. I think it’s still good, but it’s not a good thing to put on a stovepipe cream bag. It needs to be used with aerobic exercise! I lifted my legs 100 times on the spot and sweated a lot on my legs. If you use a hot stovepipe cream, there will be a burning sensation in your legs.

   Method 2: 90-degree inverted leg

   After we study or work for a day, the pressure on the legs is very great. In addition, nowadays, people basically sit and do not move much, so the legs can easily accumulate moisture. If you wear socks and take off your socks at night, if you find that the socks have obvious and deep streaks, it means that your legs are swollen. Lie on the bed every night before going to bed, raise your legs up to 90 degrees with your upper body. If you can’t hold on, you can lean your legs against the wall. This will help you to remove the edema of the legs for about 15 minutes.

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