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What are the secrets of making a pretty waist?

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What are the secrets of making a pretty waist?

   I have to admit that the figures of Korean female stars are really super good, especially the slender waist, which is the curve that how many girls dream of! It’s not difficult to get a thin waist. Exercise for five minutes a day to develop your own waistline.

   Why do otaku like Korean girl groups so much? In addition to the ability to sing and dance, the figure is really super good! Especially the small waist, the feeling that a girl is envious of it! Many Korean actresses also have impressive vest lines, my God! It's really amazing!

   No one is born with a good figure, who seems to be an enviable good figure, but in fact, there is really a lot of sweat behind it. In addition to proper dieting, actresses have also been insisting on exercising! Today, I will share with you the secrets of the Korean actress's pretty waist, let's learn it together!

  STEP1>>Hold the towel with both hands and lean back

   Fans who often watch sports units must be familiar with towels! ! (After all, it is my favorite when exercising.) Similarly, in order to help us apply force correctly, hold the two sections of the towel with both hands and lean back until the heel is about to leave the ground. Hold it!

  STEP2>> Right hand touch left toe

   This side is very important. After straightening your left foot and raising it to your limit, touch your right hand forward to help you forge the curve to the side waist correctly! Just touch it to return to the original position.

  STEP3>>The left hand touches the right toe

  , of course the waist on the other side has to be forged! Only this time I changed my right hand to touch my left toe, and returned to the spot after touching it. Staggered left and right to make 10 sets!

   I must say, this action is very tiring! ! Because you need to keep your waist in mid-air, your feet must be straight and raised, and your hands must not give up towels, it is recommended that you do five sets of rest, so that your muscles will not be uncomfortable next day. But if you continue to do it, the small waist is not far away!

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