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What are the most effective ways to thin legs

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What are the most effective ways to thin legs

   The calf meat is the harder part to lose weight. What is the most effective way to thin the calf? What is the most effective way to thin legs before going to bed? The following is the relevant information and materials collected and organized by the editor. If you want to know, let's take a look!

   "toe up" in a standing state

   1. Spread your legs widely, with your toes outward.

  2. Keep your upper body not tilted or tilted, and then slowly move your waist down. Remember, you can’t lean backwards, and you can’t collapse your waist.

  3. In this posture, raise the heels and keep the toes up for 5 seconds.

  4. The above 3 actions are used as a training set and repeated 10 times.

   hold the ball and raise the leg

   1. Stand up straight, hold the ball with your right hand, raise your left hand straight, parallel to your shoulders.

  2, within the controllable range, lift your right foot off the ground and lift it to the right side of your body, maintain your balance, and tuck your abdomen. Put your legs down, but keep your feet away from the ground. This action is similar to the next action—leg balance, but at the same time keeping the center of gravity.

  3. Repeat the right leg 10 times.

  4. Hold the ball with your left hand and repeat the movement of the right leg above.

  5. Do 10 reps for each of the left and right legs, and practice 2 times.

   I can lose weight even if I sit down

   1. Sit on the ground, straighten your feet, lean back, support your elbows, and place your hands on your hips. Press the lower back to the ground and use the strength of your abdomen to raise your legs to 30 degrees. With your toes forward, keep the surface of your foot straight with your calf, bring your legs together, and draw 15 circles clockwise, and then 15 circles counterclockwise.

  2. Pick up a 5-15 pound dumbbell with both hands, support it with your right foot, and place your left foot a few inches behind you. Keep your back straight and tilt your hips forward, knowing that your body is almost level with the ground and the dumbbells are in line with your shoulders. Restore to the starting position, this is a complete action. Do 12 moves and then switch legs to practice.

   Walking thin legs

   The pace of modern life is constantly accelerating, and many OLs try to minimize their walking time in order to save time. But if you want to effectively reduce the fat on your calf, the best way is to exercise the calf muscles by walking, so that the calf muscles become firmer, so that the fat will be invisible. trace. Therefore, for OL, it is best to ensure that there is a certain amount of walking time every day.

   chair thin legs

  This method of sitting on a chair to thin legs is mainly because OL often sits, so I use this posture of sitting on a chair to achieve the purpose of thin legs. This method is mainly to sit upright when sitting on a chair, keeping your calves perpendicular to the ground, and then gently place your hands on your thighs. After that, slowly raise one leg to about 45 degrees, then slowly lower it, and then change the leg and repeat.

   This method is a very simple and effective way to thin the legs. Because this method allows the calf muscles to be fully stretched, so that the fat accumulated on the calf can be continuously broken down, so that the goal of thinning the calf can be achieved.

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