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How to lose the meat on the back

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How to lose the meat on the back

  I believe that every girl doesn't want to see it. Who doesn't want to be Xiaoniaoyiren? How to lose the meat on the back? How to lose weight with a lot of meat on the back? The following is the information collected by the editor, let's take a look!

   [Action 1]: Please lie flat on the floor with your abdomen close to the ground. Cross your hands behind your head and gently lift your head to lift your chest off the ground. Be careful not to use excessive force. Then fall back, please control the speed. Repeat this action 2 sets of 15 times.

  【Action Two】: Stand with your legs apart and your knees bent. Lean forward, but keep your back straight. Holding dumbbells in both hands, lift them towards the water on both sides, and feel the back muscles working hard. Repeat this action 2 sets of 20 times.

   [Action Three]: Stand with your legs together, place your hands behind your head and cross it, or you can open it horizontally. Lean forward and then come back, repeat this action 3 sets of 20 times.

   [Action Four]: This action exercises your upper back muscles. Separate your legs to equal shoulder width and bend your knees. Lean your chest forward, press your left hand on your knees, hold the dumbbell in your right hand to the toes as long as possible, and then use the strength of your back to pull it back to the hip, taking care not to bend your arms. Please control the speed. Repeat this action 15 times in 2 groups.

   Ways to reduce back fat

Do back exercises before going to bed every night (lying on your stomach, cross your hands behind your back and then lift your head and chest up as much as possible. Don’t leave your lower body. It’s better to have someone help you hold your feet. Just start doing 30 exercises and then slowly add them). You can feel it for 6 days. Changes in the back!

   1. Lie on the soft cushion (made on the bed, the mattress is best not very soft), put your hands behind your ears.

  2. Lift up the upper body with the strength of the waist, hold the hands behind the ears and slowly leave the ground, pause for 3 seconds, look forward, and do not lean back.

  how to lose weight with more meat on the back

   1. Perform rowing machine to lose weight

   Use rowing to exercise, the effect of Weight loss on hips and back is more obvious

   2. Swimming

   The four swimming styles of breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly have obvious effects on strengthening the back muscles and reducing back fat. Among them, the butterfly stroke has the most obvious effect.

  3. Breast expansion exercise

   Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, stand with your arms raised flat, palms forward, move your arms horizontally back and forth, forward slightly over your body; backwards, try to keep your hands close together. Repeat the action 20 times. Breast expansion exercises lose weight on the arms, chest and back. Bodybuilding is good and should be maintained every day.

Healthy weight loss

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