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How to really lose weight. How can I lose weight faster?

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How can I lose weight easily?

How to really lose weight 1. Eat less! Sleep for 8 to 10 hours, no more or no less. Get up and run in the morning, run 5 laps around the 300-meter playground, and run for 5 days a week. Drink plenty of water, eat more vitamins, and eat food too! People who want to lose weight without eating are the stupidest~ but they can’t eat more

How to really lose weight 2. To lose weight, you must understand these points in order to really stick to it!

How to really lose weight 3. For Weight loss to be effective, two aspects must be achieved: one is aerobic exercise; the other is proper dieting. Both are indispensable. The effect of Weight loss depends on how much you consume in aerobic exercise; second, how much you absorb every day. The basic principle is that if you consume more and absorb less, you will lose weight.

How to really lose weight 3. Let me talk about absorption first. Absorption means absorption from your daily meals, snacks, drinks, etc. Generally speaking, the more you eat, the more you absorb. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you must control the amount of food you eat. If you can't do it, don't talk about it! Besides consumption, we know that the energy consumed by humans generally includes the following aspects: one is basal metabolism, which is the consumption to maintain life. In layman's terms, if you lie still, you will consume energy in a day. This energy consumption is called basal metabolism. ; The second is the consumption of work, study, play, etc. during the day; the third is exercise. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can consume a lot of energy.

How to really lose weight 4. Aerobic exercise refers to brisk walking, jogging, swimming, climbing, playing basketball, playing football, cycling, etc., for at least half an hour of continuous exercise. Finally, it is emphasized that weight loss by exercise depends on persistence, and you will reap the rewards if you persevere.

5. It can be achieved by dieting and aerobic exercise. Usually pay attention to exercise for about 30 minutes a day, especially aerobic exercise, such as yoga, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc., and also eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Mainly light diet, eat less greasy food, strictly control low-salt, low-fat diet, like I usually use Amywish meal replacement, vegetables, oatmeal, fish, etc., lean very fast, and keep it very good. , Won't rebound at all, it's really awesome.

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