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The specific method of cabbage weight loss How to do cabbage weight loss

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The specific method of cabbage Weight loss How to do cabbage Weight loss

  The principle of losing weight with cabbage:

   Cabbage has high nutritional value. Its biggest feature is that it is rich in cellulose, which can promote peristalsis of the intestinal wall, help digestion, and prevent constipation. Choose two meals a day to eat cabbage, whether it is boiled or stir-fried, you can achieve a good weight loss effect. If you want the effect of "short time and quick effect", you can also eat more vinegar cabbage. Vinegar is also a diet food. Combining it with cabbage has a better weight loss effect.

  The benefits of cabbage for weight loss:

  1Eat cabbage for skin care

  The water content of Chinese cabbage is very high, about 95%, and the calories are very low. Cabbage is rich in vitamins C and E. Eating more cabbage can have a good skin care and beauty effect.

  2Eating cabbage can supplement calcium

   Chinese cabbage is rich in calcium, with 43 mg of calcium per 100 g. A cup of cooked Chinese cabbage juice can provide almost as much calcium as a cup of milk. Some people don't like to drink milk, they can get a lot of calcium by eating enough Chinese cabbage.

  3Eating cabbage can prevent cancer

   Scientists at the Hormonal Institute in New York found that the reason why Chinese and Japanese women have a much lower breast cancer rate than Western women is because they often eat cabbage. There are some trace elements in cabbage, which can help break down the estrogen linked to breast cancer. Cabbage also contains a small amount of molybdenum, which can inhibit the formation of nitrite in the human body and play a certain anti-cancer effect.

   4 eat cabbage to moisturize the bowel

   Chinese cabbage is rich in dietary fiber, which can moisturize the intestines and relax bowels. For people who are prone to get angry, eating more Chinese cabbage can clear the fire.

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