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The most common weight loss misunderstandings Summary of the six major weight loss misunderstandings

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The most common Weight loss misunderstandings Summary of the six major Weight loss misunderstandings

   Have you ever tried, the usual effective methods of losing weight on others are completely ineffective as soon as you put them on yourself. Blind weight loss can easily lead to misunderstandings. The correct method can effectively reduce fat.

   The 6 most common weight loss mistakes

   No breakfast

   Many people think that the absorption capacity of the stomach and intestines in the morning is high, and breakfast will be easy to get fat. In fact, breakfast is very important to your body. Skipping breakfast will make your physique worse. Poor physique is more likely to lead to obesity.

   Obesity is due to overnutrition

   So you learn ascetics and refuse to eat nutritious food. The fact is that obesity is not because of too much nutrition, but because of the lack of certain substances and nutrients in the body, which makes the body shape "development" uncontrollably. Only when the body's energy is sufficient, can the previously stored fat be mobilized and the annoying belly meat can be reduced.

   Spicy food can lose weight

  Research says that countries such as Thailand and India rarely "produce" obese people, which may be related to their frequent eating of spicy food. Eating spicy food can make you sweat, which leads to the misunderstanding that you can lose weight. First of all, there are many types of sweating itself. Sweating from eating spicy food means that body fat is converted into sweat and excreted from the body? The chances are slim. If you eat spicy food crazily, it will burden your stomach and skin!

   I have a thick waist, so let's reduce it

   There are many local weight-loss treatments on the market such as face-lifting, leg-reduction, and waist-reduction. These instrumental methods may really achieve the goal of eliminating local fat. However, if you use exercise to reduce it, for example, if you feel that your waist is thicker, you will continue to do targeted exercises, hoping to reduce waist fat. Problem one, this kind of exercise is dull, tiring, and not lasting; problem two, the distribution of body fat is controlled by the brain. The more you exercise a certain part, the more the brain may feel that that part needs fat, and the more fat it will squeeze there. , The consequence may be that the waist becomes thicker. Exercise is holistic. Exercise the whole body to achieve the goal of weight loss.

   Do more exercise to consume more calories

   If you want to consume too much sweets, occasionally extending the aerobic exercise time will not be bad, but if it becomes a habit, the result will only be harmful and unprofitable. If you often use extended exercise time as an excuse for overeating, and you have actually put yourself in a situation of overtraining, then your body has no time to recover from the fatigue of overtraining. When the body cannot adapt to training, it is very difficult to achieve the goal of fat loss, because excessive training can lead to excessive secretion of catabolic hormones, which attach to muscles and make them unable to synthesize. Therefore, people who often overeat in one meal should increase their intensity a little during the next aerobic training, or reduce their caloric intake in the next meal.

   You can lose weight by jogging for 30 minutes at a time

   Although jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, weight loss has little effect. Practice has proved that only when the exercise lasts more than 40 minutes, the fat in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen. With the extension of exercise time, the amount of energy supplied by fat can reach 85% of the total consumption. It can be seen that no matter the intensity of exercise is shorter than about 40 minutes, fat consumption is not obvious.

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