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I don’t know which steamed bun or rice has the highest calories. Come and see

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Which steamed bun or rice has higher calories?

   When it comes to Weight loss, many women first think about not eating or eating less staple food, even following some celebrities, completely rejecting carbohydrates. From a health perspective, we do not support this behavior. And if you look closely at which steamed bun or rice is better for Weight loss, it doesn't really make much sense.

   The calories of steamed buns and rice

  The calories per 100g of rice: 116 kcal;

   The calories per 100g of steamed buns are: 221 kcal.

   From the perspective of the two calories alone, steamed buns have higher calories, and many people think that eating steamed buns is easier to gain weight. But this idea is not accurate. First, everyone has overlooked the question of how much to eat. Even low-calorie rice, too much in one meal, can also cause obesity.

   Second, most people ignore the problem of satiety. Relatively speaking, because of the resistant starch contained in rice, it has a function similar to dietary fiber, and the feeling of fullness is stronger. The steamed buns made by fermenting flour are honeycomb-shaped, with good nutrition and easy to digest. The feeling of fullness is lower than that of rice. If you eat steamed buns or rice with the same weight, rice may have a better weight loss effect.

   Third, the issue of dietary fiber is ignored. Whether it is steamed bread or rice, the raw materials used are different, and the dietary fiber content is also different, so everyone's feeling of fullness is also uncertain.

   At the same time, satiety not only depends on the staple food, but also has a close relationship with the diet structure. If the diet is rich in protein and oil, the feeling of fullness will be strong, but the oil will bring obesity.

   Therefore, it doesn’t make much sense to choose steamed buns or rice to lose weight. Not eating staple foods is to lose weight at the cost of health, not advisable!

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