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Egg weight loss method Eggs can lose weight, but pay attention to the method

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Egg Weight loss method Eggs can lose weight, but pay attention to the method

   High-quality protein supplement

  Protein is the material basis of all life. Compared with foods such as porridge and bread, the amino acid composition of protein in eggs is better. Its essential amino acid composition is basically similar to that of the human body, and its biological value is also the best among all foods.

   In addition, the absorption and utilization rate of protein in eggs is also higher than that of foods such as porridge and bread.

   increase satiety

   Eggs not only provide sufficient protein for the body, but also delay the emptying speed of the stomach and prolong the feeling of fullness after a meal.

  Studies have shown that eating breakfast with eggs can increase the feeling of fullness. At the same time, the protein and fat in the eggs can provide continuous and stable energy and make the stomach full longer.

   helps lose weight

  Eating eggs for breakfast can reduce the calorie intake of lunch and the whole day, and play a role in weight control.

   Studies have shown that, compared with people whose breakfast is mainly carbohydrates, those who eat eggs for breakfast lose 56% more weight and have more energy.

  improve memory

   Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, sterols, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins.

   The abundant choline in eggs is a necessary substance for the synthesis of the brain neurotransmitter-acetylcholine. It is also an important component of cell membranes, which helps to improve memory and focus more attention.

   Therefore, it is very necessary to eat an egg for breakfast for office workers and students who use their brains a lot.

   improve alertness

   Eggs are rich in tyrosine, which plays an important role in improving people's alertness, so that people can react more quickly. Therefore, for drivers, eating eggs for breakfast is more conducive to safe driving.

  Protect eyesight

   The two antioxidant substances in egg yolk-lutein and zeaxanthin, can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

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