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How to lose weight, office workers don’t want to move and want to lose weight, just look here

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How to lose weight, office workers don’t want to move and want to lose weight, just look here

   Eat, please chew 20 times per mouth

   Do not deny that the fast pace of life has accelerated our pace! But there is still time to eat! Please start from today and chew at least 20 times in each mouth! 30 is better!

   Chewing multiple times can help you thin your face, you can really try it! Compared to doing face-lifting exercises, this opportunity couldn't be better!

   The first thing to get up early

   The first thing to do to get up early is to move your legs. Anyway, the first thing to do when you get up early is to move! It is said that 5 minutes of high-intensity abdominal activity can help you thin your waist! And speed up the metabolism!

   If you are hungry, please eat selectively

  Some people will have a great appetite when they are hungry, and then they will eat and drink! amount! Then say what to lose weight after eating!

   You can lose weight when you are full, but please choose to eat some healthy food! Don't eat instant noodles, biscuits, and potato chips, know that unnecessary sugar will only help you increase cellulite!


  NO.1 30-minute foot massage

   Insist on a 30-minute foot massage before going to bed every day, which can help restore a regular diet and bid farewell to supper.

  NO.2 Press the ear acupoints 5 times for 5 seconds

   The acupuncture points in the ears that control appetite are called hunger points. Pressing about 5 times a day can effectively reduce appetite. Press 5 times in 5 seconds, and 30 minutes before meals are better.

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