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Ways to lose weight, five habits you have to keep

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Ways to lose weight, five habits you have to keep

   One, drink plenty of water

   Drink at least 2000 ml of water every day, and carefully choose the time to replenish water. It is best to drink water before meals, at least 500 ml each time. If you feel that drinking only water is too monotonous, you can add a small piece of fruit or cucumber to the water to enhance the flavor.

  Second, chew more food

There is a time lag between when we swallow food and when the brain receives information and starts to reduce hunger. This time lag often leads people to eat more food than needed, so when you eat slowly, you will eat less , The more it helps to lose weight.

   Three, take a walk after a meal, move around

   Walking is naturally not comparable to intense exercise or fitness, but moderate exercise after meals can indeed make a huge difference! According to research, light exercise after a meal can stimulate the metabolic cells in the body, prompt the muscles to absorb the glucose just taken in, and at the same time avoid the insulin secretion imbalance after eating.

  四、Add some lemon juice, honey or cinnamon to your food

   The human body absorbs healthy food slowly, but junk food tends to digest quickly. It is recommended to add some lemon juice, honey or cinnamon to the food, which can help reduce gastrointestinal absorption and control the level of insulin and blood sugar.

  5, take pictures of every meal you eat

   Scientists have confirmed that photographing every meal you eat is more effective than writing a diet diary, because the factors that affect your success in losing weight are not what you need to adjust, but the attention and accusation of everyone. Open a photo book on the social network and record your daily diet. You will focus more on your diet and at the same time pay more attention to your own diet and health because of the attention of your friends.

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