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Can standing to lose weight? Introduction to the method of standing weight loss

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Can standing to lose weight? Introduction to the method of standing Weight loss

   Standing upright for 5 minutes is equivalent to walking for 30 minutes, and it can significantly lose weight.

  Walking is a kind of minimum-intensity aerobic exercise. It has a time limit, and it must be effective in about 40 minutes; while maintaining a standard posture only needs to stand for 5 minutes, and the whole body will feel sore, which can achieve the purpose of fitness.

   If you insist on standing for 25 minutes after a meal every day, you will see obvious Weight loss effects in about 2 months. In fact, standing for 25 minutes to watch TV is also a good choice.

   The standard stance pays attention to one line and two cores, that is, the back of the head, back, buttocks, and heels are in a straight line, and the waist and abdomen are the two cores. The person is like sticking to the wall, and at the same time the muscles of the whole body are tense, the chest is lifted, the shoulders are abducted, and the legs are slightly hardened.

   standing weight loss method

   The answer is simple, just stand up diligently. Compared with the lying position, the standing position consumes 10% more energy.

   Studies in the United States show that, on average, thin people stand 153 minutes longer than fat people each day. If this is converted into calorie consumption, it is about 350 calories, which is equivalent to 2 bowls of rice.

   If accumulated in a week, it is equal to the calories consumed in a marathon. Compared with sweating desperately in the gym, the exercise effect of increasing the time of standing activity is much easier.

   Weight-loss effect analysis of standing weight-loss method

   The effect of standing, besides increasing energy consumption, has other benefits.

   The behavior of standing is actually an anti-gravity muscle exercise. Just maintain a standing posture, you can exercise the anti-gravity muscles of the whole body, thereby tightening the body.

  Moreover, standing can move the position of the heart upward, making it difficult for blood to return to the heart temporarily. In order to improve this problem, drastic changes occur in the body.

"For example, increase the number of heartbeats, constrict peripheral blood vessels, etc., thereby stimulating blood circulation, improving edema, low metabolism and other problems.

   In addition, standing still allows the chest cavity surrounding the lungs to move smoothly, allowing oxygen to fill the body, and the metabolic function becomes stronger.

  The specific way of standing weight loss

  1, stand and rest

   In your spare time, do you often take a cigarette and go to the smoking area to sit and smoke? Or went to the stairwell to chat with colleagues?

   Under normal circumstances, you will find a place to sit down and chat with colleagues. Just think about it, if you stay standing at this time, you will burn a lot of calories.

   Pay attention to the usual leisure time. It is a good way to use this time to burn your body's calories.

   Action essentials: The randomness is relatively strong, no matter which leg supports or which leg relaxes.

  2, standing by bus, subway

   When we usually commute to get off work, most people choose to take the bus or the subway. It is possible that you will be troubled by too many people in the car and no seats, but it is a good thing to stand after thinking about it.

   Standing, it will consume your body's calories. If there are more people, you can sweat a little and drain some body water.

   Action essentials: Stand straight with your legs, and maintain the balance and stability of your entire body on the bus or subway. Hold the handrail with your hand, otherwise you will fall when you start or stop.

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